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  1. I, a dummy programmer, rely heavily on online materials to learn programming. Recently I watched videos about GATEBOX (they didn't pay me to write about it), and I plan to DIY my own Virtual Girlfriend. Are Entertainment Robots a kind of "Game"? I think they are? It's just they have a hardware basis? My current skillset is that I have never touched any hardware before. Single-chip microcomputer, raspberry pi, etc, never laid my hands on any of those. I am a dummy programmer, and I know little about 3D modeling. In my imagination as a dummy programmer, a Vitual Girlfriend will consist of the following parts: 1.Physical existance. Just use hologram. 2.Design of the look. 3D modeling. 3.Her Soul. Should be able to perform the easiest voice-interation. I say hello to her and she should be able to say hello back. Thus, sound input and output would be involved here. In terms of speech recognition, there are simple solutions and extremly complicated solutions that's close to mission impossible for me. OK, well, so now I know nothing. Starting from step one, I did none of these things before. I plan to record the whole process of me learning, making mistakes, making progress and how to put things together (maybe I will make videos of it), step by step, so other people can just follow me if they want, and make their own robot, until I stuck somewhere and cannot move on. Virtual Girlfriend 101------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step one, based on my research, there are many different hologram solutions out there. If you are in USA, you can open Amazon to search "hologram"/"3d hologram"/"phone hologram", etc, and you will find some products available. Actually it is just a piece of plastic so if you are good at DIY, maybe you can just make one yourself. I ordered one on 9/19/2018. I don't know whether it is good. Don't know how to use it either. As a prime member, I will got my order on 9/21/2018. So could I continue to do Virtual Girlfriend 102? I would find out on Friday and report back. Before I got my order, I will research more about everything and learn what I can learn now. At least I just learned what is ARDUINO.
  2. Thank you so much for detailed guidance! That brings a topic which is not new: I am the kind of person not able to learn programming without doing projects; I believe one opposite opinion would be that: in a project you will only learn programming skills that's used in this project. What about those skills that's not in this certain project but taught in a general textbook... I am that type of students: when learning a new foreign language, I cannot remember new words, unless I read them or use them in a sentence; I cannot remember any new words just by reciting all the new words in a general textbook; Honestly speaking I don't know whether it is the right attitude, however I think it is not a new topic to discuss, and maybe off topic here? I don't know whether it is the right place to write about it, just that I've been thinking about it while learning programming.
  3. Really? Thank you for knowing the Quora question is asked by me and thank you for telling me all these details. Hopefully one day I can report back here to everyone that I improved myself.
  4. Oh just want to thank you all! You all give me detailed and helpful advices and I cannot thank you enough. Now I have a lot of things to check out after reading all your replies. Thank you, thank you so much.
  5. I guess my level could be classified as "just left Beginner's zone", so, gone through a lot of beginner's programming tutorials already, still junior and the problem is I don't know what's next. I mean, I found a lot of tutorials for beginners everywhere, and the next things I found everywhere are beautiful and complicated source code on Github: tutorials for beginners -- materials for "Grade 1 students" to learn beautiful and complicated source code on Github (not the beginner type of source code) -- materials for "Phd students" to learn However, what's in between? After I learned the Grade 1 materials I can't just directly jump to Phd level, I am trying to find the Grade 2,3,4,5,6 level materials to learn, right? Didn't find a lot of those. I am still a junior programmer. When I finished the beginner's programming tutorials I feel like leaving the Beginner's zone, no guidance anymore. I'm in LA, game programming is not like web programming,etc; there are some web programming bootcamps, but not game programming bootcamps, sad. Maybe as a junior programmer it is too much for me to request the market/youtube/online learning websites to produce structured intermediate level materials for learning game programming? It is also possible that I misjudge my own levels so I don't know where I am, therefore don't know what I should aim for next. The demo of the game I made for practice, somehow showing my level: https://youtu.be/RNAXWTQOQ2E The video about programming of my game, somehow showing my level: https://youtu.be/mi26UiFwvqY Github: https://github.com/nancyivy/Game_for_practice I would be grateful if you give me advice like: "you are still in beginner's zone", or "you can do xxx in your game to improve yourself", or "you may do xxx in programming to improve yourself" or anything else. I don't know, I'm just lost. I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this type of questions; I hope my struggles can help someone in someway (don't know how this will help...)
  6. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    @khawk thank you so much for the code!
  7. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    @ItamarReiner Thank you! Volunteering sounds like a good way for me to contribute
  8. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    Oh I don't know this group at all, thanks! And thank you for your encouragement : D
  9. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    thank you and I think finally I will go when I am ready personal website and business cards, thank you guys for your suggestions
  10. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    1. what is the LA event on the 15th? Thank you! Did I miss anything? I feel that not knowing this event means that I am still a beginner, not "kind of in between"... next time I will be more modest. 2. I feel like I need to be more prepared and mature to go, in order to "exchange information" (I need to have something of mine to "exchange" info and knowledge), that's why I think timing is a factor
  11. April_X

    GDC from career perspective

    Your post says what I "sense" in mind but not able to summarize in written sentences... I feel like I am not ready to go
  12. April_X

    Form a team

    May I ask which city do you live in now?
  13. Hi, I am new here, may I ask: do you guys have any suggestions about whether I should go to GDC, or Unity events during GDC, or, actually, any meetups and local events in LA, when I am more of a mature developer/when I already finish up most part of my game demo, or now? From career development perspective. Now I am not a total beginner, but I am not a mature developer either, kind of like in between X-0 Please forgive me if this question is silly or naive. Thank you!
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