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  1. GDC from career perspective

    @khawk thank you so much for the code!
  2. GDC from career perspective

    @ItamarReiner Thank you! Volunteering sounds like a good way for me to contribute
  3. GDC from career perspective

    Oh I don't know this group at all, thanks! And thank you for your encouragement : D
  4. GDC from career perspective

    thank you and I think finally I will go when I am ready personal website and business cards, thank you guys for your suggestions
  5. GDC from career perspective

    1. what is the LA event on the 15th? Thank you! Did I miss anything? I feel that not knowing this event means that I am still a beginner, not "kind of in between"... next time I will be more modest. 2. I feel like I need to be more prepared and mature to go, in order to "exchange information" (I need to have something of mine to "exchange" info and knowledge), that's why I think timing is a factor
  6. GDC from career perspective

    Your post says what I "sense" in mind but not able to summarize in written sentences... I feel like I am not ready to go
  7. Form a team

    May I ask which city do you live in now?
  8. Hi, I am new here, may I ask: do you guys have any suggestions about whether I should go to GDC, or Unity events during GDC, or, actually, any meetups and local events in LA, when I am more of a mature developer/when I already finish up most part of my game demo, or now? From career development perspective. Now I am not a total beginner, but I am not a mature developer either, kind of like in between X-0 Please forgive me if this question is silly or naive. Thank you!
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