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  1. Matthew Suttles

    Team Recruitment (Many Positions Available Still)

    Specifically, a writer or two would be beneficially at the current stage: We are presently world building for the current project, and as such, could use for writers to contribute to the overall development of the world, and any character interactions that one would like to take on. The system will be rather complex, so be warned.
  2. Matthew Suttles

    Team Recruitment (Many Positions Available Still)

    Currently seeking more team members: Two programmers, a composer, and a 3D Modeler are currently a part of the team. We certainly allow duplicates, be it collaboratively or competitively depending on personal preference, but that being said, we could use any of the following specifically: Sound Engineer 2D Sprite Artist Concept Artist 3D Modeler UI Designer Marketing Writers Management We do accept beginners and novices alike, so long as you feel confident that you can do the job. However, in regards to management, I do ask that one have experience in managing development projects and the likes, as well as the social skills to be of use in the long term to interact with potential sponsors or clients, should we accept jobs outside of our own development.
  3. Matthew Suttles

    Turret aim

    Lawnjelly is correct, your turret will immediately face if you just adjust the rotation to point towards the target. Which is good for the player, but unrealistic. However, for microturns, you will likely need a sprite sheet with each fractional turn available to it. Unless of course the sprite is topdown, where rotating the sprite would still look as 'correct' as it would be if it was a sprite that had forms of rotation. The physics angle is interesting, it wouldn't be hard to do either. However, bare in mind the functionality of these games is often the fast paced and overwhelming nature of the swarms. If your turrets are too slow reacting, then chances are the player will need more turrets to accomplish what should be possible with a single turret. To that extent, it's rare you see such detail in a tower defense game. It's potentially a lot of work, and just increases the difficulty. If you are going for quality, it might be worth investing in doing, just to make your game that much more unique among a 'swarm' of tower defense games, but just keep in mind that you may need to adjust the overall difficulty of your swarms to accomodate. As a last resort, you can make towers more accessible, but if you do that, you make it all the more easy to spam towers to the field's maximum capacity in terms of space, and if that is allowed, then you have to create waves that could be considered a challenge under those circumstances, which means not doing that would make the game unbeatable. One potential solution would be in some older tower defense games I've seen, where they had multiple types of turret. AoE turrets, followed by single target turrets to try to finish off the stragglers that survived, or melee turrets for big damage against a target, usually best used in circular patterns where the target is in melee range the longest. Etc. Ultimately, it just depends on the scope of your game. If you're going for your personal ideal, then I absolutely suggest taking the time and effort to make it the best, but if you're trying to take this route for practice, then dial it back a bit, produce a functional game of the basics, and move on to the next project.
  4. Matthew Suttles

    Turret aim

    It was either have it in enemy movement, or recreate the entire turret concept as a class to really showcase what I was referring to. The other algorithm posted here is likely far more effective in determining the closest target, less coding required if nothing else, so you are likely better off using that, but as a concept the solution to finding your target is simple. When the turret is not targetting anything, target the first enemy to enter it's radius. A radius determined by distance from the turret, which is defined by the offset to it's position X and Y. If measured in pixels with a radius of 10 pixels, then anything that comes within a certain distance should get fired upon. If it's already firing though, you don't want it to swap targets, unless the target leaves the radius. You could easily call FindTarget(); then Attack(); from your main loop, and it would effectively perform the same. Just be sure to set it so that if a target leaves the range, find new target, or if no target is in range, target is null. Then in attack, attack only if target!=null, etc. I wouldn't suggest doing it that way, you're better off having a turret handler, call your turret handler, it runs FindTarget() and Attack() for each turret on the field, from 0 to infinity I suppose, depending on the system you are designing. That way, you don't have to call them for 'each' turret, since each turret's radius is subject to their position on the map. The last time I used the radius, I believe I used the atan method for rotation, if they were on the south end of the radius, I.E. 225-315, then face the turret south. Does that make sense?
  5. Matthew Suttles

    Help finding DirectXMath.h header file

  6. Matthew Suttles

    Help finding DirectXMath.h header file

    Afraid not, I use Visual Studio 2017 personally.
  7. Matthew Suttles

    Turret aim

    I would think the simplest solution, mind you I haven't created one of these, so I imagine there is a more elegant way to write such, but effectively, if you set the X and Y values of the turret's current location on the map, just use an offset to determine it's radius of fire. I.E. EnemyMove() { if(this->x > turret1.x-Offset&&this->y > turret1.y-Offset) {turret.attack(Enemy* enemy);} if(this->is_targeted(turret1, Enemy* enemy)&&(this->x<turret1.x-offset||this->y<turret1.y-offset)) {turret.findTarget();} } In the FindTarget() function, you'd likely want to look for all targets within the radius, perhaps a vector of pointers to each spawned enemy, check their position in comparison to the turret, and the target closest to the turret becomes the new target. Oh, and make sure Attack() nulls if the turret is already attacking, to ensure the turret doesn't get in a cycle of only shooting at a target until a new one enters range. That would be my suggestion at least. If you are referring to the mathematics to determine the closest target, it should be as simple as getting the accumulated X and Y values of your targets, and adding them together, along with the turrets, make sure they are both nonnegative numbers as well, then compare the difference. The number closest to the turret's accumulated value should be the closest in terms of distance. Unless I'm mistaking an element at least.
  8. Matthew Suttles

    Help finding DirectXMath.h header file

    My pleasure, good luck going forward.
  9. Matthew Suttles

    Wizards and Warrors

    If I'm not mistaken, though perhaps not in the older rules, but in the current rules, unless you just don't meet a prerequisite of the weapon, such as a strength prerequisite, anyone can in fact wield anything. The only impact being if your proficiency bonus is added to your attack rolls. Furthermore, wouldn't the simplest solution to this dilemma, would that you wanted to restrict equipment, be to in fact just modify your equip function to validate for you? Make your 'weapon' class, have subclasses for each 'type' of weapon, and inherit the base, overwrite a Type with the given weapon's type, and then have an array in your player type, warrior, wizard, etc; of available equipment, then you can theoretically add to that array, or perhaps vector would be better? anyway, you can add to that if you attain certain feats or proficiencies that enable you to expand your repertoire.
  10. I'd be willing to dedicate some time to your project, if you would have me. I have some experience in a handful of programming languages, as I work on my own projects. I don't have that good of an art foundation sadly, but from the looks of your screen shots, you're doing fine in the art department for now. I am a storyteller by nature, so if there's any collaboration necessary for plotlines or, as per your example, logic puzzles and the likes, perhaps I can be of some assistance there as well. If you so choose, you can find me at: Seik Luceid#9656 Discord, luceid.dezeir Skype, or MatthewSuttles@gmail.com
  11. Matthew Suttles

    Help finding DirectXMath.h header file

    The most obvious solution is that DirectXMath.h does not exist in the directory that it is supposed to? I'm not familiar with directX operations as of yet, but if I had to guess, are you by chance doing it as: #include 'DirectXMath.h' Because, if it's anything like SDL, it would be: #include <DirectXMath.h> The apostrophe is likely looking for the file in your project directory, instead of your IDE included sub directories.
  12. Greetings, I am looking for team members to potentially collaborate on the development of various game projects as well as assistant applications potentially, tabletop games for example. At the moment, I am doing the entire production on my own, which as a result is incredibly slow. Any contributions will of course be credited, and as far as experience or skills, if you're confident that you can accomplish the tasks, then I'm more than willing to allow you to try. The biggest need at the moment is some art skills. I 'can' draw, but not well, which means that if I'm going for positive asthetics, that it's going to take all year. In my 2D games, and 3D games, art has been the one hold up. I'm currently trying to work around the art issue, using placeholders and the likes, but the result is that no matter how far I take the game in concept, it's still lightyears from completion. The more I accomplish, the more art assets will be needed to utilize it. I intend to work on my own skills still in this department, but that being said, people who just want to get their art into a product, or people who want to expand their portfolio, are more than welcome to take over the production of art assets. If you only have experience in pixel art, that's fine, I have a pixel art project on-going. If you only 3D model, that's fine too, I've had some success in concept art and the likes, and helpful friends as well. Are you more the writing type? Me too, we can bounce ideas back and forth, help solidify the storyline and concepts as we go on into the development process. Business minded? I'd love to learn more by seeing how you work. I will say that, while I am working to advance my skills in all facets of game development, though my primary focus is programming, that being said I will always welcome a comrade, or ally. Your position as a team member will not be nullified if I become able to fulfill the role. The fact of the matter is, a team can accomplish more. I do work a LOT on these projects, but I do understand that if you are joining this team, you aren't doing so for the wealth, meaning you likely have responsibilities elsewhere. So, do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a beginner, looking to learn by practice, then you are welcome to come as well. We will utilize the best suited works for any development done, but it will always be merit based, meaning that whether you're a beginner that just joined, or me, if yours is more suited to the situation, yours will be used, and you will be credited for it. Students, hobbyists, or professionals, all welcome. If you're a professional though, I'm going to wonder why you are joining, but you are still welcome to join! Samples are always welcome, but if you don't have any, or don't know what to submit to the diversity of my product description, then just contact me, elaborate on what you do, and I'll give you a subject. One that will not be used unless you join the team, of that you have my word. Matthew Suttles, Seik Luceid#9656 on Discord, luceid.dezeir on Skype, or MatthewSuttles@Gmail.com You can also respond to this thread though response time may be slower.
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