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    Hypothesis A: "UG" could be an abbreviation for undergraduate, and "BTECH" could be an abbreviation for "Bachelor of Technology." In of itself, a populous of 24-30 year olds are saturated with computer science, game design, web design, and other game development related degrees. Finding someone who holds a degree in a field directly related to game development is a dime a dozen. Getting a job in any industry without a degree that's directly related and with no work experience is highly improbable. Hypothesis B: In the UK, for each 60 people, there is one Indian. Given the Indian name, one could assume he could be apart of that statistic. In such case, BTECH could be a misspelled attempt at writing "BTEC." If this is the case, no, a level 3 extended certificate in computer science consists of the exam-board failing to understand fundamental concepts to a point whereby they think VBScript is frontend website scripting language and not an archaic administrative scripting language. To answer the question "can i go in game industry as a game programer," MSDN,,,,, and other sources cost absolutely nothing excluding your time. Anyone can enter the industry providing that one can prove their worth.
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