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  1. Art Update

    Morning guys! Today I'll talk about some of the content in my game. Right now, it's still in early development, and I'm the only active artist on it right now. But I'm working on multiple aspects of it at once every day, so we're definitely making progress. Any default art you see from RM (rpg maker) will of course be replaced with my own. I'm designing maps first in RM then replacing the tiles I use afterwards. This screenshot was taken not too long ago, where you can see that the majority of the tiles are the (hopefully) finalized art. I went with a clean, simple shading for all of it, with usually no more than three shades of the same color. The border for the text box is our own, though the color may change depending on what changes we make to the gui. There's also the character art of Marie of which I did myself, and is the template style for the rest of the art in the game. Speaking of Marie, here's some emotion character panels! Here's some of the tiles I've been busy with, replacing defaults with these. I have 100+ items scattered around 4 or 5 sheets, but this ones the most cohesive. Here's one of our Void monsters, the Caterwaul. It's one of the antagonistic creatures that show up at night and it spews a deadly energy concoction known as Osu. Here's the World Anvil article for it with full sized digital art. This is the Frostbite, also with its own full sized art and article. Here's some more creatures with full art, but no pixel art yet. Each of these has an article on my World Anvil Worldbuilder. And that'll be it for today- juts wanted to show you guys some of the work I've put into it so far. Once more tiles are finished, I'll record a video of some game footage to show some of the things I've already implemented. For now though, thanks for taking a look!
  2. Introduction

    Hey guys, Fox here. I'm super excited to be here! I may only be an amateur game dev, but I hope to make something to be proud of. Project Darkfall is currently being created in RPG Maker VX Ace, and so far it's coming along great. The story began at first as a D&Desque RP site plot back in 2013, but after awhile, I started to want to make an actual game out of it, and make it something of my own. I started making the game itself in July of last year, and started adapting the plot so it would fit better in an RPG. As an artist with other friend artists, I recruited a few! Found myself a programmer, some writers and some digital artists and began to learn how to use RM. I learned a bit of Ruby so I can work with scripts, and completed all the game mechanics needed. Currently, I'm working on the art- tilesets, banners, monsters, sprites, etc as well as doing some more advanced world building at my World Anvil. It's still in its early stages, as I've only started it mid-February. I have a wealth of knowledge in documents, and I'm working on it everyday to get it all into a production bible of sorts there, so keep your eye on it if you're interested! Also I post all the presentable art for Darkfall on my DeviantArt account if you want to take a peek at the currently finished monsters, tiles, concept art, what have you. Soon I will post more about what the game is, what it's about, and just go into more detail in general.
  3. Project Darkfall

    PROJECT DARKFALL is a JRPG currently in development using RPG Maker VX Ace. Story has been in the making since 2013 and game development began mid 2017. We currently have six on our team, with a few supporters backing us. Our Team Blakkfox sym7 SkeletonCupcake Catalyst Liquid_Pencil Shadow Any donations or support would mean the world to us in getting this game finished. We need to buy a few programs, assets and pay some artists. paypal.me/BlakkFox Progress Story Synopsis, solid universe rules, lore and strong worldbuilding, complex plot, twists, themes and underlying messages completed. Endings are still in rough phases, multiple character storylines are as well. Detailed storytelling for all characters still in process. Monster Design approx. 80 monsters in various stages of completion. Character Design Nearly complete for all four PCs, Deities complete, building up large lists for minor and major NPCs. Map Creation At least halfway completed. Tilesets A few are completed, still a lot to go on this front. Sprites To be started. Dungeons To be started Tilemaps A few are done, more need to be started.
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