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  1. merlin77uk

    how much art,coding, music goes for?

    Thank you Rutin, you are right, i should specify a bit more. The idea is to create a FPS similar to "Dust514" it was released for PS3 and made By CCP (creators of EVE online), but for PS4/Xbox I understand that with my level of experience that is not possible, but i just want to start the project, to have something in development, like few models, story, some drawings, if possible some animation to show what the game will be about and in that stage i think it will have much better chance of finding investors. Of course after i have something in hand i will hire competent producer etc. I am based in London, but the idea is to make the full game in Bulgaria (EU country), not only there are many talents there, but i know that the pay rate there is lower, so the cost of the project will go significantly down. Its one thing when talking about idea stage and another when having something to show, so my goal is, to just start it up and then go with the flow )) But like i said i dont know even how much and how to pay, how do people charge when doing outsourcing. I dont want to overpay and id like to know if someone is asking for real minimum so i can appreciate that gesture. Thanks again your reply was great!
  2. Hello Friends, i am trying to create a Game developing company, with absolutely zero experience in that. I know it sounds silly, I have experience in running a small business as i have one, but games are something i always wanted to be involved with. So i have an idea of what game i want to create but i have no knowledge in programming, art, music etc. what needs for a game. I will assume the role of the producer and i just want to create some prototype which i will go around with after and try to find investors/publishers. So my question is where i can find, how much and how do people charge for art,3d modelling, is it per 1 character, per hour, what if i want whole race with cities, weapons etc., what about story writers - how much they charge and how? How much charge people who can use Unreal Engine (as i want to use that for my game - FPS) and so on. Meanwhile i am educating myself with game developing and the legal part (contractor agreements,non disclosure etc.) I will be grateful for any info you can give me.
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