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  1. golgamesdev

    Developing an old game clone

    Hi everyone. Just to tell you they said NO! (big no, no, no) No problem, let's go for my own projects. I've actually learned a lot.
  2. golgamesdev

    Developing an old game clone

    Ok. I'll definitely contact them. Thanks a lot!
  3. golgamesdev

    Developing an old game clone

    So perhaps distributing it at no profit for me, and waiting and see what happens would be an option?
  4. golgamesdev

    Developing an old game clone

    Ok, thanks! Maybe I should contact NAMCO directly.
  5. Hi everyone! Just landed here today. My question is about making and distributing my own version of an old game. I started around 2 months ago my own version of the old game Pacman, with the focus on getting it as close as possible to the original AI, speeds, timers, score, graphics, and so on. It was initially a project for myself, but actually I'm so amazed with the final result (just finishing menus, configuration options and little more), that I would love to publish it for all the major platforms, including computers and mobile phones. My question is regarding the rights of the actual Pacman game. Should I just publish it? I'm not going to earn any money with it. I will give it for free, and I won't use ads or other stuff. How should I proceed? Any idea? Thanks a lot!
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