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  1. Hello About me Lvl 28 Programmer (day job: non-gamedev-programmer, making games as a hobby for about 2 years) Some vector art experience - tried to make some assets on my own using vector software and scripts Some design experience (designing my own games ) About game Turn-based fantasy rpg inspired by games like Heroes 3 (also WoG mod), NEO Scavenger, Battle Brothers I would like to create easy to use editor for creating custom scenarios (similar to the one from Heroes 3) World and story are clean slate, I did some drafts but I'm not good at it so it's possibly subject to change I decided to create graphics using vector software + scripts to make it faster (rpg's tend to have lots of assets), also it's more precise and easier to create tileable graphics (for example: rivers, paths) No sound/music work has been done yet Who do I look for? Definitely someone with 2d art skills I would like to focus more on programming 2D animator (skletal animations are preferred) Additional programmer could make development faster Someone for creating sounds/music/both It's a hobby project, I work on it in my free time. In case the project make it to the finish line and get shipped - I can offer rev-share Below should be few screens of what I already did (about 2 months of work) - some graphics, editor prototype screenshot and game prototype screenshot
  2. Hi, I'm looking for opportunities to gain some gamedev experience. I started my gamedev adventure about 2 years ago and I have already written some small games, attended some game jams (one even won :)), tried to do some more ambitious projects but some failed and others wait untill I'm more experieneced. I'm a programmer with about 5-6 years of experience non-related to gamedev. I'm most experienced with Unity, but also did some coding in Unreal, Godot 2, Defold. I should be able to work about 40 hours a month, maybe more if I really like the project Anyone interested?
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