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  1. Hey everyone! I am very interested in the topic of hit registry in games specifically FPS. I had a few questions and hoped this was the correct area in this forum to post this topic. First off what exactly causes good or bad registration between players? Is a players ping or server location critical in this department and if so would the individual in a 1v1 fight with higher ping for example be at any sort of advantage or a complete disadvantage considering they are a few ms behind? Next what is involved in I would assume to be the coding aspect for this feature of a game? Why do some FPS games feel so clean and polished when it comes to shooting an opponent and others feel like you are hitting a ghost? The last thing I can think of right now and I may add more soon is are there any recording programs or in-game programs that can be run that show shots that hit/miss for testing purposes in various games? Thank you guys for any input and explanation I really appreciate it
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