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  1. Hello! I'm GlassEclipse, and I'm looking for a project. Contact me at tsymall1@gmail.com, or leave a response if you want. About Me: Call me Thomas. I'm a college student currently working on a degree in C++. I've always held a passion for gaming (and all kinds of gaming; age of empires, dota, and csgo alike have held my interest) and so I want to use my project-building experience to get my name out there. What I offer: A refined writing ability. I have experience as a paid freelance writer (webpage copy, collaborative news articles) and as a teacher of collegiate-level creative writing. Dedication. I'm looking to work on a project until the end and refine it as much as is possible. This means I also want a team that feels the same way. Programming ability. I have experience with C++, java, and C#. As for game development, the only engine I have experience is with Unity, and that skill is shoddy at best. I'm looking to explore the more complex aspects of game development. What I'm looking for. Any project, paid or not. Contact me with details, and we may be able to get something sorted out.
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