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  1. So i began on my first and frankly it is really simple i just want a box to jump up and onto the next platform above it. They problem is when i look up a tutorial they don't get me where i want it. I need to know how to make a moving platform from side to side and then when my play lands on it the platform will center in the middle of the screen and stop so i can keep jumping up to the next platform. I can already make my player jump i also know how to make one way floors so that is covered i just cant figure out the platform.
  2. Washantor

    I need a mentor

    Hello my name is Erik Reis i'm 15 and i just got into game development. I don't want to spend hundreds of bucks on online classes i just want someone to help me. Kinda like a mentor or another new developer I can learn with. I'm young and i'm new and stupid and would love to learn this is just don't know where to start there is so much. I do know some basic C# and i want to use unity. I can do some pixel art though it is not up to the standard i would like but that can be improved. I would really enjoy to meet someone who has knowledge of the subject and can teach me on their spare time. Thanks i really appreciate if your read this post.
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