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  1. Bradley Latreille

    Would Unique paritcles slow down a physics simulation?

    Yes and no, I think he was just talking more on a hardware level as far as memory and stuff, as there isn't such things in real life physics.
  2. Bradley Latreille

    Would Unique paritcles slow down a physics simulation?

    Hey Ninja great response, I was wondering if this also goes for complex stuff as well, I can see how being too literal can make it slower with easier stuff, but couldn’t it make it faster in some of the very complex shader techniques? Just curious thanks
  3. Bradley Latreille

    Dealing with Fights in the Team

    If he wants to change everything and have full control, then I don't believe he is at all an asset to the TEAM.. after-all this is a team project and if its going to be on a hobbyist level the least you could take away from it is team-work knowledge. Some people don't understand that there's more than just work to get done, there are morals and ethical beliefs all different from each member, there are feelings to be hurt, someone who helped tirelessly on the previous movement script has just been told its trash and the other guy wants it completely redone, this affects the member who wrote the old code. There are time schedules to be met, you can't be wasting hobby time arguing about how things should get done. There are expectations to be met, this goes for a team and work basis. CASE 1: The Aggressive member is being.. well.. an a*hole. Talk to the aggressive member of the team, explain to him that this is still a team project no matter what, you need to tell him that complete systems can't just be re-written because there's something that doesn't make sense or you "think" or know it really does suck. There are better approaches that make you professional and well liked. I would approach this by making the member suggest different methods or ways to complete a problem that they don't like or understand. (NOT a re-write, but , considering graphics libraries were never designed for "hit x and this square will show up".. there are thousands of ways to do things, unless your on some God level of Graphics programming out of the womb, you will 100% gain experience by listening to other approaches of doing things. CASE 2: Each member needs to know how to take criticism. The non aggressive member who was told the control systems may need to be re-written has taken this to great offence, and now despises the other member for their words of knowledge. In which case you need to sit the less aggressive member down and tell him that criticism is part of the process and he has to learn to handle it a little better than by taking offence to everything. This makes you a better coder, and a better human. Knowing how to gauge and handle other peoples criticism will send you rocketing in your career and life. CASE 3: Your just wasting your time otherwise. If it gets out of hand then its time to play baby sitter and monitor the calls between the two, if theyre arguing on their own time then whatever, but if they're constantly arguing on project time, there's a major issue. Id say you struck gold with this situation, handling these kinds of things face on makes you a better leader in life, everyone leads at one point, so be a good one. When I say monitor I mean keep track of there fighting on project time, if they're fighting way to much you're holding yourself back by chasing them all over. PS. I've started some great friendships that started as arguments, and strong hate, but then moved towards a realization that we both just wanted the same goal and decided to put aside the small amount of despise for the person in order to gain an amazing and knowledgeable friend.
  4. Bradley Latreille

    Dealing with Fights in the Team

    A suggestion to solving this problem is bringing on a team leader that isn't afraid to step in and set things straight. Motivation to make a game is different but straight arrogance to ruin a potential project wouldn't even stand in the real world of business. Either you or someone needs to get it worked out between the two, or you may have to find talent elsewhere. Of course this also ties into personal issues, non of us were there and can't truly understand what happened. But essentially you need someone to kinda guide the team in the right direction. Hope this helps! This ties into what @Tom Sloper was saying so I'm gonna give him a one-up so I don't feel like I'm stealing his response.
  5. LBP writes a lot of their own shader programs for their games, they do an amazing job as well and the lead graphics programmer is extremely talented. Here is some more useful information on how their rendering works. I know this has nothing to do with the objects but this webpage displays a lot of cool and useful information about how they made LBP work. http://advances.realtimerendering.com/s2011/Evans, Kirczenow - Voxels in LBP2 (Siggraph 2011 Advances in Real-Time Rendering Course).pdf In Create Mode, players are able to build levels using the hundreds of tools, materials, and objects available. In LittleBigPlanet 2, Logic components were introduced, and other objects were added that made Creating levels easier. LittleBigPlanet 3 introduced Adventure Craters, and also added additional logic tools such as the Object Saver, Broadcast Microchip, and Object and Character Animation Tweakers. Referenced from: http://littlebigplanet.wikia.com/wiki/Create_Mode
  6. You could look into other peoples game engines that use Kha, take a look at how they handle physics in their engines and what external libraries or plug-ins they use. You could always use some of their physics code in your engine. Heres a few you could use with Haxe Nape Physics(2D): http://napephys.com/ Physaxe(2D): https://github.com/ncannasse/physaxe Cross-Platform 3D Physics Engine https://github.com/saharan/OimoPhysics
  7. Bradley Latreille

    Accepted to college but..

    Have you considered applying now that you aren't employed? You're in a different bracket now, they may give you something? Suggestion: Maybe apply for QA or testing positions that can help you get your foot in the door?
  8. Bradley Latreille

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Awesome that worked for me
  9. Bradley Latreille

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Almost looks like both buffers are showing at some point. Not sure exactly though.
  10. Bradley Latreille

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Hey, the games really cool I love the idea. One problem I'm having is that the screen flickers A LOT, otherwise great work
  11. Bradley Latreille

    Finding and Choosing Libraries for C++

    Bjourne Stroustrup suggest to know what the code your using is doing in his lessons. He goes into detail explaining why it is important to read the functions you use from someone’s library and ensure they provide efficient and effective code. It’s always good to know what your adding to your project. As for what libraries to choose I would say decide depending on who you wish to target, some libraries are cross platform and others are not. As well as the features the library provides. as GDnet said, don’t get into an advanced graphics library if you just wish to do 2D because it will become too challenging. Hope this kinda helps give you a better backbone when choosing libraries
  12. Bradley Latreille

    [Rev-share]3D Animator

    Hey I noticed this is a visual-artist application, but I was wondering if you guys needed sound-artists? I would be willing to donate all of my pieces completely free without anything but acknowledgment that they are my own. I am a programmer by trade, but I enjoy writing music for games as a hobby as well as extra portfolio experience. I write from the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and the MPK Mini piano with pads and tuners and a dozen effects, Including a large variety of drums played and recorded professionally that I bought from TheLoopLoft. I use the MPK's free software that they just released for simple sounds, but I am experienced in pro tools for large scale development as I have a Focus Rite dock that connects to an 8-channel mixer that takes inputs as well. I'm not a professional artist though.
  13. Bradley Latreille

    Help me i have a problem

    Your error is happening when you attempt to call you Class' functions. Notice that you are using the function v.LlogInte(bilanci, interes); and passing the parameters using object names that aren't created yet. The main function doesn't know what bilanci, or interes is, whoever our class does. We want to create a variable to store a temp_bilanci and temp_vlera, these would need to be created first, and then we can pass them to our functions. Just remember that if something was not declared in this scope, that means you are using, passing, ect,. a variable that doesn't exist in the scope of the main method.
  14. Bradley Latreille

    Fight over dat Ancient

    Yea I think you're probably right about that. This is the kinda bug that isn't gonna cause anyone to stop playing. Hmm, I'm not a web developer but is it possible to state the specific resolution and display of text in an xml file? Otherwise it still looks amazing. I think you've cleaned up a lot of the errors through this thread thanks for sharing your project with us
  15. Bradley Latreille

    Doubt with Unity

    Of course You are still gaining experience with the Engine and how it works by making any kind of game for any platform. Those tutorials might not teach you something you can run to your game and implement now, but it helps lay a good foundation of knowledge for the basics of game development (and how the engines work) that will help you when it comes time to making an android project. Truthfully there are so many tutorials for developing for Android using Unity. The joy of these engines is that you can learn something new in no time by Youtubing a tutorial on a specific engine feature (depending on how advanced your getting here), as well as working with documentation. My ONLY advice to you about engine development is to stick to one engine, don't worry about the Unity vs Unreal vs CryEngine crap and learn Unity (if that's the one you want) as each of these Engines differ from each other some how and you will have a very hard time making any kind of game if you spend your time learning engine features from each engine. Short Answer: Yes, you will still learn a LOT from your project experience when it comes time to develop for Android.
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