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  1. Iain Knights

    Advice Question for Non-Musicians

    When seeking a composer for your games, what is it that you will typically look for when hiring someone? What about their music makes you want to employ them? what do you look for in regards to professionality? I'm really curious as i'm seeking to get my foot in the door, but i want to know what i should be doing to impress you and get commissioned! thank you!
  2. Iain Knights

    Tips for someone starting up?

    Hi everyone, i've recently graduated from full-time education and looking to get really stuck in with the gaming industry as a composer. (don't worry this isn't a hire me pitch) All i ask is that you guys would help me out and listen to my tracks, give me some tips on how i can improve my overall composition skills and also if you could help with pointing out my unique selling points within my music to help me better sell myself when trying to pitch myself for employment? My bandcamp page is Iainknights.bandcamp.com i really appreciate any help i get
  3. Hi, i've been seeking my first job as a composer / sound designer but i find that the jobs i look at state they want experienced designers. what advice can you give me to help me get around this? how should i approach companies as i seek employment?
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