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  1. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Yeah, looking back, working as a one man show is not so good for me, don't get me wrong, I really love developing games but I need to do so much other stuff that I don't like/not good at. From a economical standpoint it's really dumb, I could just be doing a full time job and work on the programming/design part of my game, and have professionals to do the visual/music art and trailers/marketing/legal for me(okay I also like 3d modeling/texturing but still I'm nowhere good), saves the time that I need to learn those things( You're losing value when you are learning other things). Like if I invest all my time into programming(which is my part-time day job), I could hire someone with the money I make to spend 1:1 time(hopefully) that has focused as much as I did on programming, and I get the result instantly, instead of wasting valuable time learning those parts myself. Well to be fair, I did have a blast learning 3d modeling, but let's be honest, it's not pro, not even close lol. And on top of that I wasted time, I could have a huge bank by now to do marketing if I started out doing a full time job and outsourcing...instead now I'm looking behind my back worrying about my next meal well it's not that bad but still it would be better to have spare money to buy new socks...
  2. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Also I really want to go with the snapshot way, but I'm not sure what's the way to go about it, like in Fallout 4, they start with introducing the main character's inner thoughts, the faction's opinions on to the more exciting stuff like building and then awesome combat footage, the music goes from emotional to epic during the end, you get so hyped about the game and then they show the logo. Makes you want to insta-buy(which I did ). I don't know if I could do that with my game, there no doubt an emotional element to finding one's purpose in life, but I don't know if I have the skills to execute and make a good trailer out of it...If it backfires when you try to make something epic...it just feels really wrong... There's also another way, and just use fun music like the current trailer, to make people feel that it's just a fun game, I don't know which mood I should set for the trailer...
  3. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Yeah, I think you're right. But sometimes when I watch trailers, talos principle for example, the snap shots are so short, I don't even know what their puzzle looks like, what's their main concept in puzzle solving?(Most of the time it just shows a 5 second strip, the player is putting some stuff on the ground, or he sees the tower, or he is picking something up) I had to go to let's play/playthrough made by other players to find out what it was all about. They're usually developed/published by well established companies so it works in favor of them, people would go and look for other videos of the game. I don't have that going for me. So I think I need to sell the core concept of my game: The Space Connector. It's the thing that makes this game unique, nobody would want to play some game developed by a nobody like me unless there is something unique about it. If I just show 5 second strips, players won't be able to understand what is happening...Like almost every puzzle in the game(except tutorial ones that introduce new object/devices) is solved by using the space connector, just in different ways, and it will blow your mind when you figure them out, but I really don't know how to show that with such short time frames... That said, I do realize I have a tendency to show too much during presentations/demos to the point that it bores people throughout my life and I'm working on it
  4. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Thanks for the feedback man. Yeah, I was feeling the same way about the titles/subtitles, like people can't be reading text and focusing on the gameplay at the same time As for the story/main character part...I get what you are saying, but for my game, it's mostly not about the story... It's about being able to interact with objects from other universes & force fields from other universes and using those to solve puzzles that are otherwise impossible to solve. There are a lot of creative ways one could use this mechanism and I want to show that in the trailer. I've seen some really good trailers like the ones for the Talos principle, Portal 2 and such, but they put a lot of emphasis on the story, which is not the focus of my game. Also I don't have the resources to do cinematic trailers, like for Portal 2 they created dozens of concept trailers for every little thing in the game, and they use humor in those trailers to move their audience, every time you see their trailer it makes you laugh and want to pre-order it, I don't think I have the resources to do that (payed actors/writers for scripts/cinematic). The story in my game is more like Minecraft style, generic/mysterious but doesn't involve a lot of writing...It's basically just: A robot awakens and realizes it has no objective in life, he travels to spaces stations across the universe to find his objective, in the stations he faces obstacles/puzzles and he needs to use his wit to solve them, maybe if he pays enough attention to detail, he will find his objective in life and why he was created... I do start to understand what many of you have told me about switching between scenes(snapshots) really quick but don't show too much gameplay, like a lot of those games use a narrative to tell the audience about the game world, while quickly switching between scenes to show the game art/combat system/building system/other systems in the game, so I am considering doing that for the first trailer of my game, then maybe a second trailer that just shows sections after sections of puzzle solving/gameplay... Also it kinda goes against Steam's suggestion to not show gameplay in the trailer, on steam's site they urge you to get to gameplay as quickly as possible, their reasoning is that users mostly care about what it's like to play the game, if you spend too much time on cinematics, users just leave the page, they recommend cinematics as an alternative trailer on Youtube or secondary on steam. I think their opinion is valid. However, when you look at a lot of successful games on Steam: Fallout4, Portal 2, The Witness...etc they really just switch between the scenes rather quickly to show off glimpses of art/in game systems...I'm not really sure what to do here...I could just do 2 trailers like I mentioned earlier, but which one should I pick as my primary trailer(The one that starts playing when people visit the store)? Perhaps I'll finish both and ask around, maybe you guys can tell me which one has more potential to draw attention from people?
  5. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    I have a website but I'm still working on it, need to create more videos for the introduction section, you can check it out here: https://www.overlappeduniverse.com/overlappeduniverseofficialsite/index.php/pages/view/panel And I have another question, you mentioned getting a following "while" developing the game(which makes a lot of sense), so you can share news/videos during development, how do they usually get the initial people to see their website/social media page?
  6. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Yeah, I can see what you are saying, There is a lot of bad content that is low priced on steam, people won't even want to waste their time checking it out( I don't either). I always knew marketing is important but honestly I have absolutely no idea how to do it with no budget(okay I'll be honest here, even with a budget I still wouldn't know what to do ) I started this project not knowing a lot of stuff, but I managed to do/learn the technical parts to create the game, but when it comes to marketing I feel like I'm completely lost and I feel like it's way over my head...Like do I talk to a publisher or something?
  7. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    Thanks man, your advice is very helpful. It is kinda hard for me to create short videos because each section takes a pretty long time(2~5mins) to solve(at least the interesting/non-tutorial ones). The game takes about 4 hours for someone who knows how to solve all the puzzles to finish(I don't know how long a normal person who has no idea how to solve the puzzles would need). There are 8 stages, each stage is cut into sections, sections are somewhat isolated from each other, so you can only use the items within the sections to solve the puzzle and progress to the next section. However, there are secrets in each stage, and if you solve the puzzles of each section a certain way, you can get certain items/devices in a state that can help you unlock the secret area of that stage, so the whole stage itself becomes one huge section and you use all the stuff in the stage to unlock the secret area(or you could just move on to the next stage and not get the secret), each stages' secret area is unlocked in a different way, in some stages you have to find a way to move stuff across sections even though there is no trivial way, in one stage you get an additional space connector at the end, which inverts gravity but allows you to pick a key up, the secret area is right at the beginning of that stage but now you need to traverse the whole stage upside down back to the spawn without losing the key. If you gather all the secrets from each stage, you get the final ending where you discover your objective;otherwise you don't. The reason for the low pricing is because I really don't know how I should price it But hopefully steam would give me some suggestions after I submit my build for verification. What's your suggestion for pricing?
  8. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    It is a commercial game, but the price is only gonna be around 5 USD(or lower), basically I'm the only person working on this project for years and I'm pretty broke now, so I don't think I would say I'm financially invested.
  9. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    The story is basically just you are a robot with no objective, so you need to travel to space stations to look for your objective, while in those space stations you need to solve puzzles to progress, The emphasis of the game is using the space connector to solve puzzles. Some people said it was too long for an intro on steam so I made it shorter. Do you think another longer video explaining the space connector/puzzle solving part is needed?
  10. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video II

    anyone? Is this video better than the original?
  11. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Hey everyone, I finished the new introduction video and posted it in another thread:
  12. I finished my game and I'm trying to make a introduction video, I got some feedback from: So I created a new one here: If you have any suggestions please let me know, thank you. Also I'm thinking about creating another more in depth video that is about 6 minutes, it will explain the space connector mechanics more clearly, which I won't use as the introduction video but will direct people who are interested in the game to it. However, I'm wondering if I should do that or just let the players discover it for themselves in game.
  13. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Yeah I know, I'm already working on it. All of your feedback has given me energy, thanks. I'll post the new one here as soon as I finish it. I feel like I should have asked for feedback a lot earlier in development, interacting with you guys and getting really good suggestions is amazing. I was just caught up in my part time job these past few days as there were a lot of orders and I was running low on money But now I can focus on the game...
  14. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Yeah I can see what you're saying, it would be still hard to read the text even if it is fully opaque because the background has too many colors in it and the text might get mixed up with the background. Actually I do this for the interaction UI in game, the center of the text is always a light color and on the edge it fades to a dark color using alpha blend, creating somewhat of a "gradient outline". It's just that I totally forgot about this during the making of the video
  15. Kai Keeper

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Yeah, actually I had the same problem for the in game UI system. I really like addition blending, it looks cool, but in the end the user can't see the elements clearly so I changed them to alpha blending(or faded to a black background if I used addition blending UI elements). Funny how I totally forgot about this when I made this video Thanks man.
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