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  1. DarkJ1234

    Problems with starting out on linux

    Thanks, Yeah i'll look into that, thanks. __ Also, Holy crap how long has it been since i googled that, Last time it wasn't, i guess i just assumed it still wouldn't be.
  2. DarkJ1234

    Problems with starting out on linux

    Ah but i'm fairly certain Unity doesn't work on linux. lol. i mean i guess i could try wine, but there might be issue's i dont notice at first and such.
  3. DarkJ1234

    Problems with starting out on linux

    Hey thanks for the reply! i was kinda hoping more for a suggestion on new software to use, cause unreals just generally laggy, but my graphics card is RV710 [Radeon HD 4350/4550] with the default ubuntu Radeon Driver. and yeah i'll try posting on there next i was just on here so i decided to use this site lol.
  4. I'm trying to get into game development on linux, But i want an Unity/Unreal like environment to start out with, So i found out Unreal is build-able on linux, and i had a few problems but managed to mess with it enough to get it running, but all the material's are pink for some reason, i'd like advice on how and if i can fix the materials being all pink and super reflective looking, or if there's an alternative i could try similar to Unity/Unreal for linux.
  5. DarkJ1234

    Concept Artist Wanted

    Hey, Sounds fun! My discord is jjbob1234#6691 add me and i'll brainstorm a art style with you, my finished products normally come out pretty eerie and gritty, but my original concepts for the pieces dont start out as gritty normally. Check out my deviantart to see my newer finished projects to see what i mean; https://jjbob1234.deviantart.com/gallery/
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