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    Whats the Best Software for Game Development

    Unity is great. I use it for commercial games. For make a demo I recommend GameMaker or Pico-8. They are very light weight. GameMaker you can use it without too much code. Pico-8 you can use it enjoy create retro 2d games. And for unity resources I recommend these boys. I learn many from them. Brackey, Blackthornprod, Sebastian Lague
  4. Codinggamer

    Now Start New Game

    Thanks, keep doing ~
  5. Codinggamer

    Now Start New Game

  6. Codinggamer

    Now Start New Game

    After last game (Quick Calculate It) released, I began start a new game demo. In developing Quick Calculate It , there are some common code can use in next game. So next time I make the game I can do the same thing more quickly. And I can make more content in the same time. And After almost 45 days ( em…did not make game very often, learning instead ), I make this gameplay, just have a look~ It is a pirate game, you play a role kick the pirate. Once you hold down left or right you can change direction or jump. when you jump, your jump height will be different with the time you hold down. Look good ~ Thanks to the art asset publisher. Without his asset it will not looks so good. Of course I add some effect by myself such time-slow and particles. This is a new start, now I could challenge more action in game. I put it to facebook group and reddit. get some feedback such cloud should add and some levels should add. So my next step is add some level to make it more like a game ~ Maybe should add some moving platform and some boss if I could program it.
  7. Codinggamer

    Kick Those Pirate

    Album for Kick Those Pirate
  8. Codinggamer


    Album for CalculateIt
  9. Codinggamer

    Flee Away

    Album for Flee Away
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