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  1. DasunSet

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    I live in Bohemia (Czech republic, Morava state, region Hodonin, city Kyjov) and all the places are on the exact place, that in the game, and I dont see, why high virtue nobles wouldnt be back then. Now peole express themselves differently, but back then, it was normal.
  2. DasunSet

    Repost Due to bug

    Last version of my demo was glitched, but thanks to one user named Bradley Latreille, I managed to find it and repaired it. Here it is: fightSystem for rpg-Default-
  3. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Nice to hear that
  4. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Problem could have been in my resource settings, my texture group may have been set the wrong way, so it messed with other textures. Maaaybe this will help, otherwise I will have to test my project on another computer, because on my pc, I havent got this problem in a long time. fightSystem for rpg-Default-
  5. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Oh damn, sorry, I will try to fix that, maybe when I created an appliacation, it glitched. I will let you know, after I fix it. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Thank you so much Rutin
  7. After 3 months, my fighting system is done how i imagined it. All components are in. Not much content, only one enemy and almost no items, but everything works and the fighting is pretty sweet. What I have to offer: You are agains an enemy, the fight can end up multiple ways, you decide how you want to approach an enemy. You can: 1) convince him to not fight you 2) kill him 3) spare him 4) rob him 5) run from him 6) give up and get spared or killed fightSystem for rpg-Default- I hope you will try my demo and leave some thoughts. It will help me a lot. Let me know what is good, or what should I change.
  8. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    I know exactly what youre talking about. It is exciting, when you have 5% chance of getting legendary, you are always thinking about it, but when you have 5% chance of armor breaking when you die, you always think about that 5% chance. Maybe it could have been a good mechanic ro keep players from escaping a fight when there is a chance of dying, but better way would be to reward players when they defeat a strong enemy, so it is fair and satisfying. My game is slower and kinda like Undertale. so should flee always end the fight, like if you succed to flee you dont lose anything, but if you dont succeed, you die and lose some stuff. In my game, the only way to level up, is it you have enough XP you need to beat a monster that is higher level than you, he loses a level and you gain a level so flee would be good agains annoying low-level mobs. Oh yeah that is a good idea, maybe to have a little minigame when you decide to flee, If you are against small level, you flee instantly, but when you try to flee against high level, you will need to play a minigame, that is difficult, depending on enemy difficulty. How did I didnt thought of that before. Thank you
  9. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    I didint even thought about that. I just thought of a 4 way to do it and I think it is the best for my game. As Scouting ninja and you wrote: Random chance is bad so my idea is, that if you decide to flee, you will lose some health depending on who you are fighting. Lets say you have maximum of 100 HP. If you are fighting a small imp, you will lose 5HP and if you are fighting a big guy, you will lose 80 HP for example. If you are fighting a good guy, he will spare you if you are low HP, if you are fighting a bad guy he will kill you if you are down to 50 HP and flee will take 80 HP. In my game, you can talk to enemies to convince them, to not wight you and win the fight by that, or if they are hurt, they can give up and you can decide, what to do with them. So having an option, that enemy will spare you is good in this scenario. I dont know if flee is even a good idea. I will have to try to implement it and then decide if it is. If you want guys, I can send you a demo for you to try, after flee is done and you can tell if it is good or doesnt fit.
  10. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    How would you approach this problem ?? So it isnt the obvious choice for player to leave instead of trying to defeat a challenging opponent ??
  11. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    As Scouting Ninja wrote: I think RNG I wil luse RNG only if enemy is the same or one level higher or lower. There are alot of factors. your relationship with this enemy, enemies character, your level, how you act in the fight. You can attack him or talk with him. But it would be really complicated, so many variables to check. RNG sounds about right if enemy is the same or one level away.
  12. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    Yeah, that sound great, It is like no. 1 and No. 3 combined. Maybe if you are fighting strong oponent, there would be chance he wont let you go and the fight will end up as a lost fight and you will lose gold and XP. Yes in my game you can level down ur up : D Great idea and opinion, Thanks.
  13. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    Well you are reading my mind, because your idea is the same I have right now implemented : D. I was wondering, if this is the right way to do it. So you think option no. 1 Should be the right one ??
  14. DasunSet

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    My game is little bit like Undertale with its relationships with enemies. But in undertale, flee is just a run from fight. I know it would make an interresing game mechanic no.2 but I also want people to play, and try to use flee only if neccesary or fighting a weak reappearing mob.
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