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  1. DasunSet

    I made a demo *NEED FEEDBACK*

    Its on purpose so some enemies are more acurate than others. I was thinking about dodging in four directions, so taht your center and cannon will shit few centimeter to the right if you hold D and so on. If you let go, it will automatically get back to the center.
  2. I made a really short demo of my basic mechanics. If anyone want to try this and give me feedback, it would be really helpful to me. It is alpha version 0.3.0, Ive worked on these mechanics for 4 months with shorter and longer pauses. I will work on this more and I want this to me my first completed game that is not Ludum dare Click this to download: fightSystem for Down here is a video of my alpha if you want to chcek it out and see, what is this about. alpha
  3. DasunSet

    NEW sick Player !!

    I finally used Aseprite and it turned out great. Ive had no vision of the player, but here he is. I really like it, but it is probably because it is my first ever propper player sprite : D
  4. DasunSet

    New graphics

    Thank you
  5. DasunSet

    New graphics

    New graphical change !!! Let me know if it looks good, or needs any changes, or what changes it needs. Now Im going to write story for my game. Im trying to think of something, but story was never my strong side. If you have any advice for how to write good villain and story, let me know
  6. DasunSet

    Control over the game

    Oh man, that sounds interresting. The idea of players giving each other quests is amazing. Or you can allow players to write stories about the world and players can react to them or expand them and let players create their own lore. Oh yeah. Heavy rain is and excelent game, but as MKeiN2 mentioned: Stanley parable is game that I totally forgot, that is a good example of a story game, where you can explore, or find weird endings. The unfortunate fact is that Stanley parable doesnt have much gameplay to offer, but the many story possiblities is still amazing.
  7. DasunSet

    Control over the game

    Well fanfiction is not what I mean. I wonder if there is a game with the main premise is branching story that can end howewer the playey wants (obviously with limitations).
  8. I was wondering, if there is a story game, where the player has complete control over the game. In sandbox games like Terraria, you have control over the whole world and you can do whatever you like, but a Sandbox Story game sounds like extremely interresting idea. In Infamous Second son, the story can end two different ways, but the whole story only resolves at the end. In Undertale, there are more ways, but the storyline doesnt change that much. Is there any gam, that the story is completely in your hands ??
  9. DasunSet

    World to explore

    Well long time passed... I bought Aseprite to create some nice sprites and created player movement and dialogue for the world. Again, Im inspired to continue and create. Only problem is the story. I dont have any story in my head at the moment, my tools that I created are made for storytelling, so I need to think of something. Here are some screenshots. Tell me what you think about the textboxes.
  10. DasunSet

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    I live in Bohemia (Czech republic, Morava state, region Hodonin, city Kyjov) and all the places are on the exact place, that in the game, and I dont see, why high virtue nobles wouldnt be back then. Now peole express themselves differently, but back then, it was normal.
  11. DasunSet

    Repost Due to bug

    Last version of my demo was glitched, but thanks to one user named Bradley Latreille, I managed to find it and repaired it. Here it is: fightSystem for
  12. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Nice to hear that
  13. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Problem could have been in my resource settings, my texture group may have been set the wrong way, so it messed with other textures. Maaaybe this will help, otherwise I will have to test my project on another computer, because on my pc, I havent got this problem in a long time. fightSystem for
  14. DasunSet

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    Oh damn, sorry, I will try to fix that, maybe when I created an appliacation, it glitched. I will let you know, after I fix it. Thanks for letting me know.
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