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  1. Hanna Habela

    Come play Roguelike Cowboys!

    really cool! great update. Hardcore mode is challenging - yay! and awesome outfits (pink bunny ears r my fav )
  2. Hanna Habela

    Asterion Labyrinth Official Teaser Trailer

    oh mazes.. I always get lost T_T Looks cool
  3. Hanna Habela

    Cool and unique website with 2D game art

    Thank you!
  4. Hanna Habela

    Come play Roguelike Cowboys!

  5. Hanna Habela

    Come play Roguelike Cowboys!

    I like the retro style and the simplicity. Opponents are cool and funny (feeling a bit bad killing them though ) For me the game seems to easy (although I'm kind of player who likes difficult games) Maybe the difficulty - opponents speed in this case, should rise faster? I'm not sure though - just a suggestion.
  6. Hi, Check it out: habela.github.io ok, don't know if it is that "cool" or that "unique"... but supposedly being self-confident and brag yourself is a way to go hmm...don't know Anyway, tell me guys what do you think about my site and art in it as well. Btw: Say nicely "hi" or "hello" to me coz I'm new here (not so new to game art, as I'm doing it for some time now and more than 2 years as freelancer)
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