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  1. Gekkographics


    So much inspiration can be found just stepping out of your house. I love hearing different people's ideas, especially knowing a little bg on that person. The coder for our development team (flaming titan tales) works in the heart of London and usually have very different game ideas some involving skyscrapers and hectic life. I like to draw inspiration from my favourate childhood games.
  2. Gekkographics

    What's next?

    Our team has been itching to work on the next project, but we do have some plans for adding content to six barrel bill in the future. New levels, costumes and ways of playing. I think It will be a challage dividing time between the two games. Does anyone have any suggestions or methods that they have tried?
  3. Gekkographics

    Link to the game

    This is a link to six barrel bill on Android, we would love to get some feedback on this so we can improve. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftt.SixBarrelBill Thanks in advance
  4. Gekkographics

    Looking for review websites

    After posting to Facebook and Instagram we got six barrel bill to just shy of 200 downloads, which is fairly good but obviously no where near where we want to be. Next I'm trying to sort through review websites that don't make you pay. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. 😀
  5. Gekkographics

    Where to turn

    I was surprised to hear that most reviewing websites either charge to review your game or give extremely small chance of actually being reviewed. How have other people found the promotion side of game development?
  6. Gekkographics

    Hard work is done, or so I thought

    6 months ago we had the idea of a cowboy inspired shooter. Originally it was going to be a duel style pvp game but we eventually decided on a single player game. There was quite a few new challenges we had to face as a team and I'm happy to say we smashed each one. We have moved into the promotion side of things now, contacting friends and looking for bloggers but it's a complete minefield right now. 😫
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