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  1. Thanks. Can’t wait for you guys to see the next update. One of the game modes being added gives a new mechanic that completely changes the way you play!!
  2. Will be submitted to apple today. Here are the notes: HUGE UPDATE: New Additions: Added GameCenter Compatibility!! Achievements have been added 13 achievements worth 725 points more to be added in following updates with new content Leaderboards have been added With the addition of Leaderboards all players stats of Max Number of Endless rooms reached has been reset to 0. First leaderboard is to see who can clear the most rooms in endless mode. Play against your friends and the world. There will be more leaderboards added in the future for new game modes. Can also Challenge friends To access Achievements and Leaderboards click on the Icon in the options menu Completely Overhauled the SOSopedia New Background Re-wrote some text for better clarity Added a TIPS & HINTS screen to the SOSopedia!! tips on playing straight from the developer. This will help you progress in the game. Created 2 new menu screens and Chapter 2 un-lockable to play anytime! Story Mode Now when you beat chapter 1 chapter 2 will be unlocked. You can select Chapter 2 and play that chapter without having to play through chapter 1 again. This will only unlock after beating chapter 1 post update. Beating chapter 2 now will unlock Chapter 3 when it’s released! Game Modes Endless mode is now located under here More Game Modes will be added next update!! if you have unlocked endless mode by beating game or paying 100 coins then all other game modes will be unlocked when released! These upcoming game modes will change the way you play the game! New Player Animation when you find a Special Item! Gameplay: Further balancing done on difficulty of beginning part of the game lowered the HP of NoGen, Patho, and Viral. Increased the chance of getting coins, half hearts and full hearts to drop from Germs when destroyed Boxes and Grass no longer drop hearts only coins and firecrackers. Lowered the speed of the fireballs from the Washing Machine, Firefly, and Chronic this will help you time you dodging skills and give a greater chance to get out of the way Adjusted the collision mask on the holes, so if you don’t accidentally fall in if walking to close. Radiation Power up now works on Chapter 1 boss and Chapter 2 boss, making this rare item even more powerful! Bug Fixes: Fixed info text for Heart Increase and Stamina Increase to reflect the new price changes Lighting effects were not being turned off in Endless mode if it was disabled in options, this is now fixed Fixed a bug where Endless mode was adding rooms to the max number of rooms cleared if you got game over and played endless mode again, this was fixed and all players have been reset to 0 for leaderboards. Re centered locked text for endless mode and added text Re centered text on no save file found for continue game visual improvements and optimizations made Next Update will Introduce New Gameplay Modes and hopefully iCloud backup!! View the full article
  3. Piece of things to come. Will bring a competitive aspect to the game. View the full article
  4. SOS-CC

    SOSCC v1.3 Changelog

    I have flirted with that idea but not sure if I want to implement it like that yet....
  5. Hey All, The update has been submitted to Apple! Here is the changelog of all the changes. It turned out to be a pretty big update. Next update will focus on integrating GameCenter, Leaderboards for Endless Runs, Cloud backup, and Achievements!! Game is Completely and Fully MFI Compatible! Play the entire game without ever having to touch the screen with an MFI controller connected. Now when you connect an MFI controller the onscreen buttons no longer show No more blocking the view with your thumbs and buttons if you disconnect the controller while playing the buttons will re-appear Precise controls Can now control Title Screen, Store (Pharmacy), Option Menu’s, and Pause/Inventory Screen with the controller! All interactive objects like diary pages, signs, and medical supplies are controller compatible! Updated the Controller+ How To screen with updated description for the new controls Improvements Made: Adjusted the IAP it will now award 100 coins (from 50) every purchase Added new Shop (Pharmacy) Upgrade you can now unlock Endless mode using 100 coins Permanent unlock you can still unlock endless mode by completing the game, but now for those who wish to unlock it with coins can do so. REQUESTED CHANGE: Made some balance/difficulty changes Now the game starts off easy and progressively gets harder Each Germ type will slowly be introduced so you can learn their attack behavior HP of each Germ is lowered in their easy variant The chance for coins to drop has increased greatly in the easy rooms!! this way you can quickly earn some coins to get some upgrades that will make the harder parts of the game easier Hearts and half hearts have a greater chance of dropping during the easy rooms remember if you don’t need the heart come back for it later!! View the full article
  6. Hey All, This update was mostly focused on the MFI Controller. The game was playable using the controller at launch but was limited to just controlling the main character. Now the game is FULLY compatible with the controller. You can play the whole game, control menus, buy items, etc WITHOUT EVER touching the screen. Very exciting! Also the IAP now gives you 100 coins instead of 50. DOUBLE THE COINS!!! There is also now an option to unlock Endless Mode with 100 Coins! Or you can do it for free by beating the game. Last thing is difficulty balancing. I was getting reports the game was too hard and people could not get past the first room. So now the difficulty starts of easy and slowly gets harder. This will allow people to learn the mechanics, enemies, and how to play while earning coins and they feel like they are progressing. This update will be submitted to Apple tomorrow so you should hopefully have it for the weekend. Thanks All, Here is a video: View the full article
  7. SOS-CC

    Update 1.3 Question

    Fair enough. I’m getting reports that people can’t get past the first room. The difficult part on that is the room is always different as it’s random. So thinking of lowering enemy HP and type for first several rooms so people can get the hang of mechanics and earn more coins
  8. Hello All, Finalizing the next update now. This update is focused on MFI controller. The game will be completely playable using the controller and you will never have to use the touch screen. Almost complete. Question I have is I want to roll into this update some balancing to difficulty. I am getting reports the game is too hard right away. I have some thoughts on how to ease into the pain but wanted your opinions as well. Here are my thoughts: Slowly introduce the “harder” Germ enemies Lower the HP of the enemies in the starting rooms Lower the number of enemies that can be spawned into the room Combination of the above or all of them What are your thoughts? Thanks! View the full article
  9. Thanks everyone for the support it helps. Also the update got approved and should be live momentarily.
  10. Yes once the iOS release is “polished” it will be ported to android
  11. Yes it will work with the game pad. The only thing that does not work with the game pad is the menus and the medical cabinet and diary’s. However this will change. The update I’m working on now will allow the controller to work on all parts of the game as I planning to bring it to Apple TV.
  12. Hello All, It is with an extremely heavy and painful heart to tell you that my precious Sarah has passed away peacefully on Saturday, September 1st. The game is now in memory of her. More details can be found on the main blog @ https://sos-cc.org The update, 1.2, was submitted to Apple today. Here is the change log: Updated the following screens in how to play section: Inventory, Inventory +, Interface, medical supplies, and Controls Updated the following screens in SOSopedia Boss, Hazards, Items, and Enemies All How To menu screens are now pop up windows instead of whole screen allows for better quality and a cleaner interface tap window to close when done Created Video (Graphic) Options to turn on/off graphics able to turn off advanced lighting this is a big performance boost to old iPhones and iPads if turned off able to turn on VSync this can help potential screen tearing. Only advised to turn this on for new iPhones and iPads as it takes lots of resources this is OFF by default able to turn off particles this will provide a performance boost to older devices when turned off fixed a bug where if you quit game it counted it as 2 played games in the stats menu now quitting a game does not count as a played game played game only counts if you get victory or game over adjusted hit animation when attacking germs to be larger in size so it stands out and has more impact adjusted shine animation when picking up items to be larger so it has more impact Fixed the text on the medical cabinet not overlapped with proceeded category Heart increase purchase text changed adjusted the text drawn to the screen decreased starting prices of ImmunoTherapy and Heart Increase in the medical cabinet ImmunoTherapy starting price is now 10 coins Increase Hearts starting prices is now 5 coins Reduced the cost of 2nd and 3rd permanent upgrade for Heart and Stamina Increase in the pharmacy 2nd upgrade now cost 50 coins and 3rd upgrade cost 100 coins updated splash screen Fixed a bug on the continue game option where it would still play title track and not appropriate chapter song Fixed a bug where if you un-paused the game with the quit dialog box open it would still be on the screen, this now no longer happens View the full article
  13. More optimization’s coming. Graphics settings: View the full article
  14. Update is now live!! Here are the changes: Optimizations and bug fixes now works on iPad mini 1st Gen, should also work on as low as an iPhone 6 further optimization will be done moving forward but it’s at least playable on older devices now also it now runs even better on newer devices! Added a Dialog Box to ask you if you are sure you want to quit game when selected from pause screen Fixed Endless mode not staying unlocked after you completed the game if you had beaten the game already endless mode will be unlocked after you update Fixed an issue with MFI controller that would give a fatal error if you tried pausing the game on Menu Screen, Transition Screens, and Game Over screens Fixed a bug where enemies were not being re-spawned from an already visited room from previous game Fixed a bug where the Item Icons would not appear on the onscreen buttons on a new game following a game over. Next Update will be further Optimizations for older devices. Will be including a graphics option screen to turn off advanced graphics for increased performance. Also plan on doing more updates with the MFI controller to give menu controls. Thanks to for downloading and playing and providing feedback. View the full article
  15. SOS-CC

    Game is Live on AppStore

    Rutin good news. I have optimized it and have it working on my iPad mini 1st gen which I believe is the same as the iPhone 6. There’s slight tear in the screen from the lighting in the first room but minimal and the game is more than playable, before it was crashing on the iPad mini as well. There’s some things I can do to further optimize it like remove the lighting for the older devices but for the first update you will at least be able to play it.
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