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  1. Hey All, Another busy week. The wife is still in the hospital. I know everyone has a different religion, but whatever religion that may be please send prayers her way, it’s much appreciated. She currently has an infection and with ImmunoTherapy this needs to be treated immediately. It is very difficult times for us right now. Working on the game is definitely an escape and keeps my mind busy from going down a rabbit hole of thoughts with everything going on. Lots was done with the game. Here is a breakdown: In Game store created. At the start of each chapter in the starting room there will be a medical supplies cabinet. By interacting with this you are given the option to buy firecrackers, immunotherapy, and a temporary heart increase. You can use the coins that you gain by playing the game. The more coins you can save up the easier it will make the next run. In game coins are now saved from previous runs. Every run will make you stronger. The coins collected are now saved to your coin pool. You can now save up coins to use in the in game store. I changed the world layout of chapter 1. While I was planning out Chapter 2 I came up with this idea and wanted to implement it for Chapter 1 as well. Now in the path room where it splits off into 3 paths it will no longer be an easy, medium, or hard path. Now at the start of each game one of these paths are chosen as the path that leads to the boss. So you have a 33% chance of choosing the correct path. If you choose the wrong path there will be a locked door right before the boss so you will have to double back and pick another path. This time you have a 50% chance. Now most likely I will create an in game item that is a KEY. This can unlock the locked door if you choose the wrong path, but this item will be costly. So this is the new layout already working for Chapter 1 and this is what will be used for Chapter 2 and all other following chapters. Chapter 2 has been started. I have created the starting room. The complete room layout is done. This chapter the rooms will run vertical, so doors on top and bottom. Also you will see this Chapter is OUTSIDE! This Chapter is titled “The Garden”. Chapter 1 is called “The House” . These names will make sense once you learn the story. Chapter 2 Boss has been created and almost complete. The only thing I need to do is the boss intro. He does not have a name yet. I will show him off only a little in the video. He has a very interesting mechanic to him. He is a 20 crab like guys that are all attached. If you kill off one of them it will split them into smaller pieces. All of them have to be killed to finish him off. There’s two of them total of 10 each. So as you hit him many pieces can be created. 1 new enemy was created for chapter 2. You will not encounter this enemy until you reach chapter 2. He is very unique and different than the other enemies. He also is not a Germ or Virus. He is called the FireFly, and that’s really what he is, except much larger. He does not go out of his way to attack you. He will continuously fly around a selected bush. He also will change the direction he is looking so that he is always facing you. If you get to close he will attack you. You will have to destroy him to move on, but watch out when you hit him to many times he will begin to flash, once he starts flashing you better run! He will explode and shoot out fireballs in all directions!! Also created 2 new room hazards. One is the fire pit. This fire pit serves two purposes. Will be a light source in the dark outdoor levels but it also is a hazard. If you get to close it will hurt you. So stay away. The next hazard is the blow dryer. If you get to close to this it will turn on and blow you away. Watch out there’s going to be a hole near the blowdryer and you will get blown into it. You can tell when the blow dryer turns on as you will see the wind. These two room hazards and new enemy will def allow for some interesting room creations. I have started on the options menu for the game. You will see the title screen updated with an icon for Options, Pharmacy (in game store), and you can now see your coins. You can now tap on options and go to the options screen. So far I have the tutorial all setup and working. I will show this off in the video below. Other options to be added are sound control (once there are sounds and music) and credits screen. Added more sprites to the title screen to be selected randomly. fixed more bugs Also I set it up so the dodge ability is automatically equipped at the start of each game. This is an ability that everyone has at the start of the game and will most likely be the one that is used the most and every run. This saves the user time of opening the inventory screen and equipping it. Changed the darkness on the dark rooms so that it’s not so “dark”. This looks much better in my opinion and helps you see everything better when not lit up. Next I will be working on finishing Chapter 2 with creating all the random rooms. This should be done within this week. Also need to finish the options menu and the pharmacy store (permanent upgrades). Then need to add sound and music and polish the game. We are sooooo close to being done! Thanks. This video will show off the options menu and tutorial section: https://youtu.be/yVrSuSD_ZnM This video is showing off the in game store (medical supplies) and Chapter 2 “The Garden”. Just to show it off I have the player going from Chapter 1 starting room directly to chapter 2. This is only for debug purposes. https://youtu.be/ekwA8n2H9hI View the full article
  2. Hey All, was hoping I could get some feedback on my game. This is my first attempt and first game to have created. My blog is here: If you would like access to the beta and have an iPad/iphone to give feedback let me know. Game is available on Apple IOS TestFlight. Thank you for taking the time it’s extremely appreciated
  3. I made the starting room today for world 2. It has such a different look to it, it’s really sweet. Plus there will be a new mechanic with a room hazard
  4. Hey All, Very excited about today’s blog update. I have to say this is probably the biggest update we have had yet. So much work went into this update. Very long nights to get this done. The wife has started her immunotherapy treatment and we are hoping for the best on that front. Please send your thoughts her way.There was so much done that I have to try and remember everything: First up is World 1 which is now known as Chapter 1 is complete!! This was a monstrous undertaking to get done as quickly as we got it done. There was a total of over 90 rooms that have been created. Every time you enter a room it’s randomly selected from a pool of 20 rooms. (this will be expanded in an update. I coded the game in a way so it’s very easy for me to expand on this) . Then the germs (enemies) selected are completely random (the quantity and type). The breakable objects are randomly selected (quantity and location). The odds of getting a loot drop from enemies and boxes is random. Everything is random. The only thing not random are placement of room hazards (spikes, crates, holes, slime, and dryers). These have been carefully crafted and placed to make up the pool of rooms. However the type of dryer you get is random! Some dryers are specially marked (you have to figure it out) and will always drop loot (which is random of what type) when destroyed by a firecracker. Secret Rooms is now a thing! Every time you enter a room there is a chance that room will have a secret room branched off of it. You can tell by looking for cracks in the wall. If you see them blow it up with a firecracker and it will lead to a secret room. All secret rooms will have different contents. what you get will be completely random, it may be awesome or it may be not so awesome. Touch Controls optimized! FINALLY fixed a bug in the joystick that has been haunting me. It would become unresponsive if you were attacking or using another button before you moved with the joystick. This has been resolved and works very well now. Also increased the size of the top action button so it’s easier to hit. Lots of bugs were fixed that I found from making the new rooms and play testing. I think I put in over 10 hours of play testing the new rooms on my phone. Lots of code was also optimized during this process. Sounds. As you know currently the game has no SFX or Music. This is all about to change. Teaming up with @luismipv. Check out his work . He will be doing some sound work for the game. Huge shoutout to him for his help!! TESTFLIGHT!! The game has been submitted to Apple for the external testflight beta. As SOOOOON as they approve it (I heard for TestFlight it can take a couple days), it will be available for beta testing. If you are interested please send me your AppStore email so I can add you to the beta. Your help and feedback will be very helpful. We are so excited that we have reached public beta and are very anxious to get feedback from people actually playing the game. Damage! You now take half hearts of damage. This is total zelda style right here. If you get hit by enemies or fireballs you only lose half a heart! If you fall into a hole or get hit by a spike you take a whole heart, so watch out for those! This allows a little forgiveness with getting hit by enemies or fireballs and gives you a chance at survivability. Half Heart refills will be coming as a loot drop as well. Flying Germ (new names for the enemies are incoming by the way) has been updated! Now when he flies at you and hits you he will move away and not continue to chase you. This will give you time to run away after he hits you. Previously he would continually hit you and it was hard to escape. Toothache boss has had his health bar moved to the bottom of the screen. Increased the speed of the player. You now move faster. This gives a great feel to the game. Feels very smooth, responsive, and allows for quick maneuvering. Also along with that increased the speed of the roll (dodge, from beanie powerup). Now you can dodge and roll away from fireballs, spikes, and enemies much easier. It’s fun now just to run around and roll, has a great feeling to it! Item Rooms! Now before you get to the end boss there will be an item room. After you beat the enemies in this room a random item will appear. It could be very helpful or not helpful at all. Crates are no longer pushable. I was experiencing a nasty bug with having them interactive. I know a way around the bug but I don’t want to go this direction right now. For now I am using them as a blocking obstacle, however they are destructive with your firecracker. I will revisit these being pushable later when I have time, I want to concentrate on finishing everything else first. Bat reach is now longer. Extended the hit box to the very end of the bat. Now the player can hit the enemies with greater reach and knock them back. Now you can hit, dodge, and hit again! It’s very fun. Phew, I think that was everything. Was def a lot in just a weeks time. Next up is World 2. This should go fairly quickly. I will be introducing 1 new boss, 1 new germ, and 1 new room hazard. After that is complete I will be creating the menus (shop which is known as the pharmacy, and options screens). Then i will clean up the pause screen and do the tutorial. We have 2 months to complete this, which should be plenty of time.Chapter 3 (which will be the final chapter) will come as a free update after the game is released. Attached is a video of a new room and a secret room! Also in the video you can see I only have one half of a heart left! Let me know your thoughts and questions. https://youtu.be/FOIm4JK1ghY 8792A96B-2AE9-4504-85A4-6D386E37E277.MOV View the full article
  5. Thanks Rutin. I should hopefully have it uploaded to TestFlight by next week. Then the beta starts.
  6. Hey All, WOW it has been 4 months already. I feel it has gone very well. When I look back to the beginning I can’t believe how far the game has come. These next 8 weeks are going to be exciting with the game. First up is I have completed the entire layout of world 1. I can play from the beginning to the end boss on the easy path, medium path, and the hard path. This is very cool to see it all together. I had some bug fixes on the auto save that I had to fix as there were some exploits the player could have taken advantage of, but not anymore. These paths are going to be labeled stage 4 (hard path), stage 3 (medium path), and stage 2 (easy path). The different stages of cancer with the 4th being the hardest to beat. Now that the layout is done this next week I will be designing the rooms. 25+ rooms will be carefully designed with puzzles, room hazards, and enemies. Then they will be randomly selected from every time you enter a room. This part is actually going to be fun. Also done are power ups and items. I have now finished the coding on power ups. You will find these “hidden” through out the game. Items that can increase you hearts (health), increase you stamina, give firecrackers, and give immunotherapy. They will be random drops in item rooms and can be found in secret rooms. Secret rooms will be finished when I design the rest of the rooms. There is one more power up (special attack) that I have planned and will code in the coming weeks. Aside from that I fixed more bugs that got introduced with these enhancements. In this video I am showcasing the items and power ups. I have placed them in the first room so you can see them. I do not want to show any other room at this point as I do not want to spoil anything. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. With 700 views on the last blog you guys need to leave some thoughts for me! Thanks View the full article
  7. Hey All, I can’t believe it’s almost been 4 months. I am really glad I decided to do these blog posts as it is a sweet log of everything accomplished but also shows how much we have improved. This week is actually a fairly large update. Development went fast as there was very little issues with the new features and everything went smooth (I think a large part is my coding skills are getting vastly improved). So what is new… First up is darkness. A new room hazard and just really cool effect that will be used through the game. The whole room is now dark and the only light you have are from flickering lights on the wall. They are not that strong and only cast out light a short distance. This effect came out great. The closer you get to the center of the light the brighter it is and as you move away it gets darker. This is going to make some really awesome rooms. Here is a video showcasing the lighting. I added it to the starting room just to showcase right now. Second item up is ToothAche!! He is the first boss of the game. He has a very distinct pattern that you have to figure out, BUT he is also random in the choices he makes of where to move, so good luck In the intro he floats down from the ceiling and then shoots out fireballs as he rotates. He then shoots back up and starts smashing down upon you. Watch for the exclamation marks, dodge, then hit, then run. Once he is down to 50% health he changes in appearance and gets angry. He now falls down faster and rises back up faster. Oh also he will randomly crash down and shoot fireballs. Good luck catching him. Watch out for the top and bottom of the room as its full of holes, you are restricted to a specific section. Here’s is a video showcasing him. For debug and testing I have it so as soon as the game starts it goes straight to him. This obviously is only for this reason. The third big feature are immunotherapy potions. My wife, Sarah (Also games main character) just got accepted into an immunotherapy trial. This was only fitting for the game. These will be very rare items in the game. One potion (treatment) restores your health to full. These potions can only be bought with in game currency you earn by playing the game. They will definitely help you in times of need. For testing and debug purposes I gave myself 2 potions in my inventory. Watch the video as I will select them and use them for a quick restore as I am fighting the boss. Aside from that there were more bugs ironed out. I am fixing each bug as it’s discovered so I don’t “forget” any or have it turn into a larger issue. Next thing I am working on this week is finishing all the rooms for world 1, and I mean it this time. I am finally done with everything needed to make this possible. World 2 will be very fast as the core of the game is done and all the artwork for world 2 is nearly complete. We are still on track for September release and TestFlight beta will start in the coming weeks. Thanks all! View the full article
  8. SOS-CC

    Week 14.1 update

    👍 thanks.
  9. Fixed numerous bugs from last update. Showcasing some more features announced in that update. Also added the bat icon to the action on screen button. View the full article
  10. SOS-CC

    Week 14: Text Boxes and Artwork

    Yes that is one of the tweaks I need to make. Trying to find a color that stands out and does not blend into the background.
  11. Hey All, Not too much was done on actual coding this week. I worked on a lot of the artwork. Not my favorite part but essential for the game. Did all the artwork for world 2 room designs. This consisted of: Trees Bushes with flowers Picket fence Gate for fence (doors to other rooms) Grass Also created some images for world 1 that I needed so I can finish all the room layouts. This included: TV Dresser World one Boss! Fire (animated will have some particles) Light bulb fixtures with flickering light ( there will be dark rooms with little light) Text boxes What I did code was the text boxes. These will be essential for the game story. You will find diary pages throughout the game world and this is how you will read them and learn the story. (Also adds a collectible element to the game, have to find them all). For now I am showcasing the text boxes with a sign. These will also be found through out the game to give needed information. I just have to make little tweaks to the code so everything is perfect. Next will be working on the light engine for the darker rooms and coding the world 1 boss! Let me know your thoughts, feelings, opinions. Thanks, SOS-CC View the full article
  12. We are shooting for First week in September. This year September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month I am going to be looking for beta testers shortly. I’m nearing completion on the first world and will be uploading to test flight in the coming weeks. If you are interested let me know.
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