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  1. SOS-CC

    Mobile Quick update

    Hey All, Things came to a much slower pace and I apologize, but there are very good reasons. I have just started a new job so it’s taken a lot of my time with training, traveling, etc. On top of that I’m still getting used to being a single parent. Much easier when you have a spouse. Then on top of all that the holidays are here. So I can definitely say that the update will not be here this year. I literally tonight just finished all of the art work (except for the main boss). Now I still have to plan, code, implement, test, test, and test. There is still a lot of work left. This will be the 2.0 update. It will finish the story, add a new game mode (with new leaderboard), add new power ups, and new options for first time players to unlock content. Then I will port the game to Android and Steam. Outside of that I do not plan on any more updates, other than crucial bug fixes. This will complete the game and fulfill my vision (actually beyond that with all the game modes I added along the way) and keep my promise to Sarah. So when do I expect this to arrive? I am thinking early March for the 2.0 iOS update and then May for the ports. I will work to get it done sooner. Thank you for the support, following, and your interest. This was a fun project and WAY more work than I originally thought lol. Take care. View the full article
  2. Hey All, Good news most of the artwork is almost done!! That is the biggest hurdle for me in development and it’s almost nearing completion with that part. I have already started testing Chapter 3. I wanted to show you a sneak peak of this testing. In the video below I am showing going from the Main Menu to Chapter 3 starting room. Note none of the fancy transitions are in place as this is just a test bed. Also the starting room is WIP as none of the objects are in place in the room. From here I go through the open door to the next room. This is also just a test room. However this room is different than any other room in the game. It is 4X as large as the normal rooms. In this room I am showing you how the camera system works in the game. The camera will follow Sarah as she walks through the room. This opens up so many possibilities of gameplay that I am bringing to this chapter. It will be awesome. Also with this new camera system and large rooms I will be bringing one more game mode ARENA!! Every game needs an arena so it’s only fitting for the 2.0 update. Hope you enjoy the sneak peak and much more to come as development continues. Thank you! View the full article
  3. SOS-CC

    Slow progress

    Hey All, I have not abandoned the project, I have just been insanely busy and in my free time have been doing other things besides working on the game. I still plan on completing the game. What does completion mean? For me that is Chapter 3, Steam, and Android port. I just do not have any time frame as to when this will happen. I have just started a new job which will require 100% focus and I am now a single parent, which is difficult all in it’s self. This game was always done on spare time. Is there a chance it will not be complete? The short answer to this is NO. It will complete, it’s just the “when” I have no idea. I will keep everyone updated. I have started chapter 3. Some artwork has been created and ideas have been thought of. Once the artwork is done(which for me is the longest and hardest part) then coding and implementation will begin. Following that the ports will be done. Again I’ll keep everyone updated and I’m sorry I cannot give an ETA. Take care, View the full article
  4. It’s coming, I promise. Started working on artwork for chapter 3, my least favorite thing to do. When this is done and released the ports will begin.
  5. Update is now live in the AppStore.
  6. This update is huge. Lots added which is why it took over 2 weeks. It’s very epic and I’m extremely proud of myself with this update. I hope you all find it fun!!! Here are the changes Change log Version 1.6 Game Mode Update: 2 New Ways To Play the Game! 2 Brand New Game Modes!! Completely change the way you play the game. Offers much more replay-ability and different ways to enjoy the game. All Game Modes can be permanently unlocked for 100 coins in the Store (Pharmacy). “Roll and Throw” Game-mode Play the original game but using Chemo Balloons as your main weapon. Instead of the Baseball Bat you will have Water Balloons filled with Chemo Medicine. Offers a completely different play style as you can attack from a distance with this “throwing” mechanic. All new animations for character and chemo balloon along with new sounds! Germs and Boss’s have adjusted health in this mode, this is for difficulty balancing. Everything is exactly the same except for the way you attack. “Coin Rush” Game-mode: In this mode you can not attack. The only power up you can use is the “Beanie” the ability to roll. Sarah is in a rush so you are now running and roll faster. There will be no enemies in this mode. There will be a 60 Second time at the start of the game. You will move room to room, all chosen randomly, trying to collect as many coins as you can before the timer reaches 0. Sound Easy? Well it won’t be as you will have to dodge all the room hazards in each room. Spikes, Mucus, Crates, Fireballs, and holes in the floor are all there to stop you. Also the coins disappear if you do not pick them up quick enough. All Coins will be placed randomly and have random timers on them when they disappear. They will give a blinking animation to alert they are going to disappear. Find Timer Pickups that will add seconds to your timer! Can you Top the leaderboards for this game mode? That’s right an all new leaderboard!! Brand New Music Track for this game mode. Music by Luis! You can now play Endless Mode with either weapon!! When you select Endless Mode it will ask you if you want to use the Bat or Chemo Balloon!! New Save Game Reminder Pop Up feature. If you click on Story Mode or Roll and Throw mode and an auto save is found it will alert you to either start new game or load your save game. Starting new game will overwrite the auto save data. New Section In SOSopedia for explanation and description on the New Game Modes! Credits screen updated and Added More Stats to the stats page Text in Store (pharmacy) updated for unlocking all Game Modes. New select cursor when using a controller. It is now animated and in color! Also updated for all added buttons and screens. Made the Coin, full heart, and half a heart pickups slightly larger. Made large hole look more like a hole and allows you to see the edge clearly. Now watch out and don’t fall in! Dryers no longer have a delay before they start shooting fireballs when you enter a room. They will start firing now right away. Fixed a crucial bug that could have prevented the defeat of chapter 2 boss, Chronic. Fixed another crucial bug that could possibly cause the screen to stay white after beating Chronic in Endless mode. Bug Fixes and Optimizations Done! View the full article
  7. Oh yes much to do. This update taking longer than usual as it’s really a lot of work going into these additional game modes. Following the conclusion of the story with chapter 3 I will then port it to Android and will release on steam at the same time.
  8. Hey All, So Roll and Throw Game Mode is complete and Coin Rush is almost complete as well. Couple things I’m adding to it. I think I may include 1 more Game Mode before I release this update so most likely looking at another week before release. After that I will concentrate on chapter 3 and conclude the story. Here is a sneak peak at Coin Rush Mode. This is not final product. View the full article
  9. Hey All, Update is coming along nicely. This is going to be a huge update, I know I say that every update but this truly is epic. Will have the whole change log next update but wanted to share a nice gameplay clip of “Roll and Throw” as well as showing off the new game save found confirmation box. I’m working on “Coin Rush” mode right now. View the full article
  10. SOS-CC

    V1.6 Teaser; “Roll and Throw”

    It actually really is, having a blast rolling around and shooting.
  11. Hey All, Just wanted to share a juicy update of what I am currently working on. 1 of the new game modes for 1.6 is called “Roll and Throw”. In this game mode you play the game with Chemo Balloons as your weapon in place of the Bat. Still a WIP but wanted to show you what it will be like. I’m very excited and this will change how you play. Let me know your thoughts. View the full article
  12. Just submitted a quick update to the AppStore. This makes the game compatible with iPhone X, XS, and XS Max. It will now use the whole screen. View the full article
  13. Thanks. Can’t wait for you guys to see the next update. One of the game modes being added gives a new mechanic that completely changes the way you play!!
  14. Will be submitted to apple today. Here are the notes: HUGE UPDATE: New Additions: Added GameCenter Compatibility!! Achievements have been added 13 achievements worth 725 points more to be added in following updates with new content Leaderboards have been added With the addition of Leaderboards all players stats of Max Number of Endless rooms reached has been reset to 0. First leaderboard is to see who can clear the most rooms in endless mode. Play against your friends and the world. There will be more leaderboards added in the future for new game modes. Can also Challenge friends To access Achievements and Leaderboards click on the Icon in the options menu Completely Overhauled the SOSopedia New Background Re-wrote some text for better clarity Added a TIPS & HINTS screen to the SOSopedia!! tips on playing straight from the developer. This will help you progress in the game. Created 2 new menu screens and Chapter 2 un-lockable to play anytime! Story Mode Now when you beat chapter 1 chapter 2 will be unlocked. You can select Chapter 2 and play that chapter without having to play through chapter 1 again. This will only unlock after beating chapter 1 post update. Beating chapter 2 now will unlock Chapter 3 when it’s released! Game Modes Endless mode is now located under here More Game Modes will be added next update!! if you have unlocked endless mode by beating game or paying 100 coins then all other game modes will be unlocked when released! These upcoming game modes will change the way you play the game! New Player Animation when you find a Special Item! Gameplay: Further balancing done on difficulty of beginning part of the game lowered the HP of NoGen, Patho, and Viral. Increased the chance of getting coins, half hearts and full hearts to drop from Germs when destroyed Boxes and Grass no longer drop hearts only coins and firecrackers. Lowered the speed of the fireballs from the Washing Machine, Firefly, and Chronic this will help you time you dodging skills and give a greater chance to get out of the way Adjusted the collision mask on the holes, so if you don’t accidentally fall in if walking to close. Radiation Power up now works on Chapter 1 boss and Chapter 2 boss, making this rare item even more powerful! Bug Fixes: Fixed info text for Heart Increase and Stamina Increase to reflect the new price changes Lighting effects were not being turned off in Endless mode if it was disabled in options, this is now fixed Fixed a bug where Endless mode was adding rooms to the max number of rooms cleared if you got game over and played endless mode again, this was fixed and all players have been reset to 0 for leaderboards. Re centered locked text for endless mode and added text Re centered text on no save file found for continue game visual improvements and optimizations made Next Update will Introduce New Gameplay Modes and hopefully iCloud backup!! View the full article
  15. Piece of things to come. Will bring a competitive aspect to the game. View the full article
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