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  1. Hey we are a 2 man team running an indie startup called Craftshop Arts, and would love to introduce our WIP project we call Mean Streets. Although not ready for release, and its been a slow development for the 2 of us, we really need/want feedback from the supporting Indie and Dev communities on what they like/dont like and wanna see. info@craftshop-arts.com https://www.facebook.com/CraftShopArts/
  2. Craftshop

    Help me please :)

    Awesome art style guys
  3. Craftshop

    Free art assets

    Nice. Thanks for the links Gents
  4. Craftshop

    I just want you to give me your opinion as developers

    Sad to see this didnt get funded. Looked interesting...
  5. Craftshop

    Critic my new Android game

    Heh, looks neat. Love the art too. Gonna check it out
  6. Craftshop

    Character Concept

    Looks cool. As an animator Im loving those proportions.
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