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  1. While reading a book or 2 will help(and thank you for providing the titles, i am going to check the Architecture one myself) with acquiring more concepts/information , I do not believe i ever met someone that learned programming from books are their main source, even when i was in high-school programming was taught by having a full 4 hours practical application session each week where we would go to a computer laboratory and code for 4 hours straight.
  2. I forgot also unity has a lot of intermediate tutorial series , some quite complex in my opinion(like the adventure tutorial that i cannot yet fully follow here: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/adventure-game-tutorial). You can find all of the topics here: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials I suggest you do all of them as the concepts you might learn from each might come in hand in future projects.
  3. Hello April i already replied to you on Quora , and you can track back to that reply, but you are still in the beginner zone IMHO and so are most of us. What you should do at this time to fix the knowledge you have is do as many projects as you can , introducing variation from one to the next to exercise the skills you acquired , there are also a lot of intermediate and advanced tutorials on youtube, some are complete projects while some are single issue based (where the issue is more complex , as for example one i followed about implementing FACEBOOK SDK). Anyway as i said in the previous reply you can follow Brackeys RPG tutorial , another example of beginner/intermediate tutorial would be this TD series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgDpRMMyxw8, also brackeys has a td series to but it is somewhat lower level, if not search for tutorials on the kind of game you plan to do next , the only way to leave the beginner zone is to have a lot of projects done. I only recently published my first game but before i got here i made 100s of tutorials and about 40+ projects based on tutorials , including 2048 clone , stacks clone , cookie clicker clone etc. I suggest you do the same, every project you do will most likely teach a new concept and help you fix a lot of previous knowledge.
  4. CrazyApplesStudio

    What do you prefer and why?

    I second this ,I switched from 2d to 3d even for simple games that have fixed perspective because it allows me to save time and resources, and i decided this while making a tower defense game as it became obvious how much time i would need to generate each character sprite sheet to allow them to move and have different animations(death,attack) in every direction , in 3d i make the animation on the pose and then import it in the game and it is done , consider for 2d i would have to do this and then render all the sprites make sprite sheets import in engine, define each animation etc etc etc...
  5. CrazyApplesStudio

    Costs of "simple" Game Production

    I think one aspect you need to take in consideration is where you are going to develop it and how you are going to develop it. If you are located in a 3rd world country or 2nd world country you could have a significantly lower budget and production costs (you could probably get professional coders/graphics artists for as low as 20k /year) You could cheap out by using freelancers to do one aspect like graphics but this would work only if you have strong skills on other levels , like do most of the coding yourself in your spare time and not count that investment. But as you want a mobile/PC game i imagine targeting iOS / Android/ Mac OS/Windows and Linux , i doubt you could pull it off without a sizeable investment, either that or do it solo in 5+ years.
  6. CrazyApplesStudio

    Apples Mania : Apple Catcher , A simple Endless Casual Arcade Game

    Thank you feel free to trash it, i don't mind negative feedback as long as it is constructive and helps me improve .
  7. Hello , i would like to showcase my first game project, a simple endless casual arcade game called Apples Mania : Apple Catcher. The game has simple goal , scoring as high as possible by collecting falling apples while the difficulty gradually increases. Different apples are worth different amount of points and there are also 2 power-ups to help you in your challenge. The game took me about 2 months to complete and polish and i made everything except for the music tracks and some of the sound files. Made in unity and blender3d. Would appreciate any kind of feedback. Google Play Link A trailer showing basic game-play:
  8. CrazyApplesStudio

    Apples Mania : Apple Catcher

    Apples Mania is a fun addictive little apple catcher endless game where your target is to catch as many apples as you can using a box you move by taping on the screen. Randomly power-ups and fabled golden apples spawn to help you with your tasks also you can use the in-game bonus to increase your odds and help you beat your best score. FEATURES - You get to play a box - You get points for catching Apples - As you catch apples they restore lost lives - Golden Apples restores one life instantly and give you a lot of points - Power-ups appear randomly to help you We would appreciate any feedback that could help us improve the game in any way. Thank you!
  9. Finally updated the entire store package and the video:
  10. CrazyApplesStudio

    Advice on best design

    There are a lot of functions in unity under Physics2D that you can try , i rarely used these myself but it might do the trick for you: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics2D.html The Overlap functions(there are quite a lot of these based on different shapes) would probably answer your question , also seems there are a lot of Cast functions you can look into and see if they are good for your implementation. P.S.: I would personally look into generating the map as a single image and do what Aleid Cross suggested(this way you render 1 object at all times instead of 1 million), having a collider on each pixel is bound to be a performance nightmare.
  11. Unity would work great for you but since you know C/C++ you can also give Unreal a try.
  12. Hello satchgames, thank you for taking the time and for your feedback . Regarding your points: I agree and plan to test this mechanics in the near future to at least see if it is feasible. The progression is there except the visuals which is a great idea, i might try to implement it if i figure out how to make it , the progression is logarithmic by the way and increases the apple fall speed and frequency of spawn as you progress. The box moves by taping , not clear in the video i guess , but i had to switch from swipe to tap as it was impossible to move as the speed progressed and be able to catch the apples and not die, so this is probably impossible with the current implementation. I agree 100% , i started working on this with the last 2 updates , changing the green apple to yellow and other color tweaks, and will take a look at what you suggested for more inspiration. The android screen capture i used has trouble capturing audio so it can only record it trough the microphone , i am working on the new store package that corresponds to the version i updated a couple of days ago and this has audio to. I forgot the google play package was not yet updated so i am going to attach 2 screenshots to show the current state of the game:
  13. CrazyApplesStudio

    An interest for Unity Engine

    I am mostly referring to the unity learning resources here :https://unity3d.com/learn As for the multitude of free online tutorials on youtube and other channels , you will have your hands full.
  14. Hello, I managed to finish my first Android Game from A-Z in about 2 months, the game was planed to be an endless game since as a solo Dev i thought it would be easier to finish , it was created using Unity/blender3d and i made everything except for the music tracks. Currently i am looking for feedback, especially about mechanics and game play, especially since i found out this is the hardest thing while developing as and indie , i seem to be able to get 0 feedback from most communities i posted in so i hope i will have more luck here. A short game play trailer: The game is Free and available on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CrazyApplesStudio.ApplesMania So feel free to comment , critiques are appreciated, even if they are harsh, since that is what will help me improve the game. Also the website for the project : http://crazyapplesstudio.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApplesStudio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApplesManiaX/
  15. CrazyApplesStudio

    An interest for Unity Engine

    Unity has a lot of free tutorials that are more than enough to get you started . For the rest you will find just as good or even better free content online (youtube for ex.) .
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