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  1. Hello, I'm looking for my dream teammate(s) to help me work on my Unity game. I still dont know where Im going with that project but I want to make a good final product that I would be able to sell or publish it for free on Steam. Here a video of the prototype (The only thing I dint made is the skybox) My discord : Just4lol#46982 I want somone at least as competent as me : - I want somone with at least one year of experience in Unity (already worked with scriptable object and know oop). - Already worked with shaders or can do editors tools is a plus. - Can do 3d models in Blender or can do 2d art for the ui or particles effects. - Can make soundtracks or sound effects a bonus. Im a french Canadian so mind my english I will do my best to edit any errors I see.
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