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  1. Kristofer Bjornson

    Polarity Puzzles

    Mobile game for iPhone and Android Polarity Puzzles is a mobile game that will be released on iPhone and Android. Trailer and screenshots are available at http://www.second-tech.com/PolarityPuzzles/, where you can also sign up to get updates and release notifications through email. Open for alpha testing A limited number of people are also invited to apply for early access to the game (alpha version, Android only). To apply, send an email to kristofer.bjornson@second-tech.com. Inspired by physics The game is inspired by the physical laws of electromagnetism and consists of 75 puzzles divided into five different worlds. The game provides unique and fun gameplay at the same time as it aims to inspire curiosity in the fundamental laws of nature. I am myself a researcher in physics, and revenues from the game are intended to fund the development of a library for simplifying the creation of code for quantum mechanical calculations. Background story The game begins after a scientific experiment has created magnetic monopoles for the first time in history. However, the particle accelerator used to create them unexpectedly exploded and threw the monopoles across the world. Your mission is to steer a remote-controlled robot through a maze of magnetic monopole blocks and help with the cleanup after the explosion. The character and blocks can be attracted to either the floor or ceiling depending on the polarity of the objects and the state of various switches. This makes for unique gameplay. Stay updated If this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to sign up for updates at http://www.second-tech.com/PolarityPuzzles/
  2. Kristofer Bjornson

    Polarity Puzzles

    Polarity Puzzles is a puzzle game for mobile devices and consists of 75 levels divided into five worlds. The aim is to navigate a little robot from its starting position to a quadrupole cage. But to do so, the robot has to push blocks into their correct position. The blocks are attracted to the floor or to the ceiling depending on whether they are white or red (North/South monopole) and depending on the orientation of the bar magnets in the top and bottom of the level. Similarly, the robot itself is attracted to the top or bottom depending on its color. Various switches change the color of the robot and the direction of the bar magnets and thereby creates a varied and unique gameplay.
  3. Kristofer Bjornson

    Polarity Puzzles

    Album for Polarity Puzzles
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