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  1. Sandman Academy

    Sandman Academy Alpha 0.1

    We are happy to publish our Alpha 0.1 release of Sandman Academy! This release includes many new features and fixes, below you can find a list for most of them. Keep in mind some glitches might still occur, some more or less game breaking. If you find any, we always appreciate any bug reports! The updates for Sandman Academy will be a bit slower as we figure out a future for our project now that we have finished our course that this project was a part of here in the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences but keep an eye on our social medias for updates on our game's future! Have fun, and sweet dreams! Sandman Academy development team. Download Here: Itch.io Indiexpo Gamejolt New features: 1 new quest The Principal is watching and judging your performance, you can now hear his comments while playing! (Subtitles included! Many new objects, see if you can spot them all! Many new sound effects New HUD elements including icons and button hints for an improved user experience Glow effect for interactable and quest objects Credits are now viewable from the Main Menu, see the team behind Sandman Academy! Bug fixes: Sticky jumping is fixed And many more bug fixes and quality of life changes
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  3. Sandman Academy

    Sandman Academy

    What is Sandman Academy? Sandman Academy is a video game based on a mythical creature called Sandman. In Sandman Academy you will play as an apprentice who is trying to graduate from the academy. As a player you move around the test rooms solving puzzles to provide sleeper better dreams and you are being evaluated by your decisions. Causing chaos and destroying objects leads to lower grade so you must consider in detail how you proceed. Dear apprentice, You've been taught in the ancient ways of the fabled Sandman, helping people sleep and giving them sweet dreams, and now the time has come for your final test... Grab your light, journal and nightcap, it's time to finish your degree in the Sandman Academy. Sincerely, John Blund Download here: Sandman Academy
  4. Sandman Academy

    Sandman Academy

    Album for Sandman Academy
  5. Sandman Academy

    Sandman Academy

    Album for Sandman Academy
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