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  1. Hi Temmu, I'm developing a game and I would need some sounds for battle. Althoungh it's a card game so it's quite different from action game. But I think I would be a challenge. I have posted more details of the game here:
  2. Fabio Pereira

    [Composer] Tamashiro - RPG/JRPG/Visual Novel/Other

    sugoi oshigoto, Tamashiro-san! Omedetou
  3. Fabio Pereira

    Director and Market looking for some fun

    We Anthony, I have the game I posted here: I tried crownfunding but failed despite I've done my best on public relation I'm not good on this. The game is under development but I need to grow possible clientes for the release. If you are interested in maketing and go to marketing hands-on, it would be wonderful.
  4. Fabio Pereira

    Game help needed

    The Game Facebook page: https://pt-br.facebook.com/samuraiforge/ 900 people following so far.
  5. Fabio Pereira

    Game help needed

    Hi Robert, thanks very much for your interest on the project. I'd like to review the project with you and see if we can improve. I'm still not sure about some feature it would be nice to have some one to talk to. To be more specific: 1) One concept that I believe is that for a game to keep interesting to player it needs to change itself from time to time. People's brain get tired of repeat the same act over and over again. I got some ideias but I'd like to discuss them. 2) Battle mechanims, I made up it and kind of like it, but it's also restrict/limited, I fear player may loose interest on it. 3) The story is non-linear, player can decide which patch to follow. I'm wonder how much long or short the stories should be. 4) Finally, I'd like to to fomalize what we agree, I have no documentation so far, so we make it more professional. If you can help please email me with your skype so we can schedule a time to talk more about the project. Regads,
  6. Fabio Pereira

    Cool and unique website with 2D game art

    Amazing job! Congrats.
  7. Fabio Pereira

    Game help needed

    Hi, I'm a developer and 1 years ago I decided to start a big project on my own, I love card games and I have studied many, many of them, and decided to put the best of each of them together. I've done game design, coding, hired some high skilled artists to make my dream come true. Unfortunately I ran out of time and money. So I decided to share this project in order to have it finished. Anyone can play or see the demo at Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/617350/Samurai_Forge/ This demo is pretty much everything I have done. Team needed: 1) 2-3 writers, I have the main course of the story in my mind (actually I started to write a book but not finished) but I need some one skilled to write and make the details, create characters, plots and events. 2) My art is very high-end (and I still need a lot characters, potions, accessories and magic) so any amount of skilled artist that feel confident about that art standard of the game would be a help from haven. 3) Unity 2D programmer, the demo is ready but it still miss a lot of code through the end. (including mobile version). Server is on me. 4) Sound professional also would help a lot. I have done most of the sound effects and sound on audio jungle, editing and researching but myself. So I thing a professional could do better. Any improvement will be welcome. 5) Game designer. I'm not a professional game designer. I do code it. So any professional willing to help will be welcome. The project is non-paid, the I'll share royalties among the helpers according to dedication and skill. When the game is released and making revenue (If God wishes). It you are interested in helping the project, please write me: fabio.bruno.p@gmail.com Regards, Fabio B. “if you can write "hello world" you can change the world” ― Raghu Venkatesh
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