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  1. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Do you have any ideas/tips for how I can snag a little team for next to nothing? Or am I on my own here haha. The drive and discipline is there trust me, I'm just stuck on this particular corner right now. Although not complete freedom, the designers will be allowed artistic freedom for a major aspect of the game!
  2. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Gentlemen, keep in mind that on the competition side, this game would compete with second life, the now defunct playstation home, and atoms universe, not GTA and Saints Row. Plus for the document I followed the principle that getting to the (detailed) point without extra unnecessary gibberish is the best way to go. There's nothing on any of the pages that isn't needed honestly.
  3. Yes! A polished game with more focus on the fun and activity aspect. For instance, I love racing games, I bought forza horizon 3 because I loved the cutting edge graphics and so many cars and realism yet I played it 2 times and havent touched it since. Midnight Club LA was “polished” yet the graphics were NOWHERE near as advanced as forza nor did it have near as many cars..... yet I couldnt get enough. Sold it and rebought it a billion times. Same thing goes for other genres of games I played. But maybe its just me. Sure, but theres a such thing as diving in and then basically never touching it again because despite the WOW realistic graphics, thats basically all it had. I loved a good polished game with immersive and eye-candy graphics as well. It’s just when basically all the work went into cutting edge graphics you can tell the devs were too tired to really put work and understanding into all the other important aspects, if that makes sense!
  4. I love games but I really would like to know if I am or if I am not the only person who does not care for all these new games who put all their focus on ensuring the leaves in the trees look crispy and you can see molecules of water on them. Yes graphics are amazing but they are/should not be the end all be all, at least to me. Am I alone in this belief?
  5. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Thank you for this, I appreciate your honesty, interest, and input! I'm all for constructive criticism as everyone needs it, so without these other ideas your first post just seemed very "give up loser" so I was just a tad turned off. I really appreciate all the insight you gave me.
  6. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Well what would you suggest sir. If you have nothing then consider this post a waste of your time and move along.
  7. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very new to the business side of the gaming industry so I was very stuck but you basically just put the nail in the coffin for the plan I had but was very unsure of. You're truly an angel for taking the time to write all of this sir!
  8. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Yes somewhat. I didnt spend 4k, I did the calculations for someone else so it was moreso 2K on startup costs lol. But for everything else yes. Although I do have some dabbling experience with unreal but not enough. And Im basically looking for the next step towards getting the financials to get the game going. Yes I have a thorough game design document 10 pages long, its nearly finished.
  9. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    I assessed the building of the game and because of the type of game it is, it definitely wont be as much as others game's to make a pretty demo, as some of the content doesnt even need to be made I can get it from free3d.com. The prototype I built is very detailed because I put a lot of work into decorating it but I built it in 3ds max and maya so its unplayable. I would just need artists and programmers to make a more polished, playable demo of what I already created basically. But they still need to get paid and I cant afford that right now. So Im basically searching for an alternative way.
  10. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    LLC Formation $400+, business licenses and permits $400+ (I made a few registration mistakes so add another $300+ fees to fix it with the government), logo $400+ (yes I admit that one could have been cheaper), first logos that were #*@!ed up $145, company name trademark search and filing $600+, purchase of website name and 2 extra extensions for a few years $120+, professional email $70, ok maybe I didnt spend it all on business lol I did spend it on a lot of other shit too but I spent a lot nonetheless!
  11. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Could you reiterate with the first sentence? My apologies but Im not sure I understand it correctly. As for the rest, its a little to late for that 😂😂😂 I already spent $4K forming the company. So Im not giving up just yet 🤣
  12. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    Thank you for this. I built a detailed prototype on 3ds max and maya (lots of content, LOTS of custom UV's) and took so many pictures from so many angles. It's just not playable because of what it was built on but when it's time to develop.... the artist and programmer will have a very nice foundation to build on because of the prototype that I built if that makes sense! I figure if I put even more work into the prototype and truly make the pictures splash and pop and grab attention, as well as deliver everything I wrote about the game (that can be implemented into the game) in a very intriguing manner I'd have a good chance on kickstarter. I appreciate your interest and your input, whether good or bad, I truly do. Thank you! Agreed, but see building all of that takes a programmer and designer and basically money I no longer have. As I spent my savings forming the company. So Im looking for the best route for a chance on kickstarter basically. I truly believe there's a chance, but I just don't have the financials.
  13. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    By prototype, I meant the game's main location was built with maya and 3ds max. It's very full, nice and detailed (lots of custom UV's and more) and I spent a lot of time building it. But because it was built on maya and 3ds max you can't play it. Because of the type of game it is I was able to build a detailed prototype of the main area with maya and 3ds! But the pictures are extremely vibrant and full because of the detail I put into it! Oh and thank you so very much for replying. I genuinely appreciate your interest and opinions, whether good or bad!
  14. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    The game has not even been started. I built a prototype (a very good one) a very good one but its unplayable. I just formed the company in December. Im trying to build the demo now because thats what you need for Kickstarter.
  15. CocoaColetto

    Do game demos usually cost a lot to build?

    You don't know how much I appreciate you for this. Thank you because I was so stuck and lost. You really made my day.
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