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  1. doom_frog

    How to start learning machine learning

    Thank you this really helps and I have learn a lot from your message. I think I will try and learn more about naive bayes since that seems to fit in more with what I want to do. Also thx for the link I will definitely check it out
  2. doom_frog

    How to start learning machine learning

    Oh ok thx for telling me that, however I am also interested in game a.i because I am also interested in game development so I'm trying to learn both. And I do realize that machine learning isn't for beginners but you always have to start somewhere. And I have been trying to learn machine learning for over 5 months and I still don't understand a thing so I know that it's definitely hard to learn. Also thx for the links I will check them out
  3. Hey guys, I'm starting to get really interested in A.I and especially machine learning. However I can't find a good place to start. I have looked on the internet for tutorials but they are all useless to begginers because they all end up thinking that you have a lot of knowledge about machine learning already and that you know what you are doing. But for me (an absolute beginner) I find it hard to understand what they are saying in the tutorials. I have tried to make my own A.I by just playing around with some maths and the basics of machine learning that I already know like neurons and weights and baias. For the most part my little mini projects work but they are not proper A.I. Could anyone please recommend me some tutorials that I could watch for begginers. My main programming language is python however I am starting to learn java and c#. I have already looked at bigNeuralNetwork's tutorial, at the beginning it was great and I understood everything but then halfway through I didn't know what was going on.
  4. doom_frog

    How to start 3D game programming

    thx, i will definatly check out those other tutoraials and your blog as well.at the moment im just learn unity from brackeys tutorial to get my head around how 3d works and then i will probably start watching the tutorials you mentioned, thx for your help
  5. doom_frog

    How to start 3D game programming

    I'm not scared of having to do a lot of math I like math actually, and I don't find it to hard because at the moment I'm trying to make an a.i and that involves a lot of math.however I have already checked out thinmatrix`s tutorials because i already watch his game dev logs and they move too quickly for me and I don't understand what is going on. Could you recommend any other tutorials for lwjgl?
  6. doom_frog

    How to start 3D game programming

    I put gamemaker as a tag because i heard that a few people use it for games and I didn't know if it was good for 3D or not. But thx for clearing that up
  7. doom_frog

    How to start 3D game programming

    Thank you, I always thought unity wasn't that good because people are always speaking poorly about it but if you say it's good I will definitely use it then for 3D games. And thx for the opengl tutorial
  8. doom_frog

    How to start 3D game programming

    Thank you, however i heard that unity is only good for the very basics. I will try it out to get me started but do have any thing else you can recommend me for after?
  9. Hey guys. For a long time I have been very interested in game dev and programming. I have surfed the internet for tutorials and example code for begginers on how to create a 3D game engine or how to make a game in a already made game engine. Unfortunately I can't find anything that can help me. All the game engine tutorials are about game Design which I am interested about but I want to make a 3d game first or the tutorials just end up chucking at me this complex paragraph of code that I have never seen before and no idea how it works. I'm hoping someone can help me here and point me in the right direction for game dev. I have been programming in Python for over a year which is my main language and I have already made some 2d games in there and recently I have started to learn Java and c# since i heard they were good for game dev and also the syntax between the 2 is unbelievablely similar. I have also heard that opengl is good for game dev but again I can't find any good tutorials on it I really want to learn all I can about game dev and become a indi game developer and make a low poly game because they look awesome. Hope someone can help
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