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  1. Fritz1

    Asking for your feedback!

    I know this is old, but I wanted to inform you that since the summer of 2018, I am not the owner of quiztime.live any more. For nw,I am using https://skillgames.live. Also in play store, there is an app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.pc_factory.sg
  2. Fritz1

    Asking for your feedback!

    Nice to hear. Thank you!
  3. Fritz1

    Asking for your feedback!

    That's cool. I am thankful for your feedback.
  4. Fritz1

    Asking for your feedback!

    Do you think you can check out the other games also? If you find the time, that would be great!
  5. Fritz1

    Asking for your feedback!

    Thanks for taking the time and giving feedback, I appreciate your honest opinion! Game menu: I see your point, will try to make it shorter. I thought it was just a nice overview. Plus, you can start any game with just one click. Take less sub-pages to download, and less time for the players. One player games: yes, there is a way to see active players (right now, we are in testing mode, so there might not be so many playing). You can use the console, IMHO a very cool and handy tool for many things. For cell phones, it is rather small, but for tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, I believe it is very nice. So, click on "Console" in the menu (you can turn it on and off). At the top you see the free players. Just click on a nickname and the link that appears below "Invite to quiz". Another way to test 2-player-games (or more players) is to use differnt browsers and/or different devices. For example, you can use Firefox with test account "test31" and chrome with test account "test32" (password "123"). You can even use both browsers as a regular user and in "privacy / incognoto mode" (Shift-N or Shift-Control-N). In this way, you can test 4-player games! Background images: I was expecting that! ;-) I know the background images can be improved. Will certainly work on that! Do you have any ideas? What would be fitting for these kind of skill-games? Domain 'quiztime': I think I don't fully understand. Do you mean the domain name 'quiztime' should be changed? Or people would expect different kind of games when they see 'quiztime.live'? 'Enjoyable' they should be, you are right. But it is a relative term. Some people enjoy some games, others enjoy other games ... I don't want to sound like I am justifying myself, it is good to share opinions. Re-reading what you wrote, I believe you are saying that the games aren't good enough so that people would visit often? They are simple, yes. That makes them easy to understand and playble by everyone. The attration, of course, should be for people to be able to win some cash by playing simple games. (For now, I have only activated non-cash games and no tourneys.) Thank you again, I really appreciate your feedback! EDIT: About the game menu: you can also use the filter options: the 3 buttons "Categories", "Players", and "Stake" filter out the games you want to display. BTW, did you hear the music and / or sound OK?
  6. I would ask for your feedback on my new project.QuizTime.live is a quiz platform, a collection of skill games where you can win a LOT of money!The games are played in real time, with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 player(s).At special times there are tourneys, with an unlimited number of participants.The prize money depends on the number of players.Game URL: https://QuizTime.liveAny games can be played on any browser, on any device! You can use test accounts: the usernames are test31, test32, test33, test34 or test35, the password for each one of these test account is "123".
  7. I have set up 5 test accounts: You can use the usernames test31, test32, test33, test34 and test35 to log in. The password for each of these accounts is "123".
  8. QuizTime.live is a new quiz platform, a collection of skill games where you can win a LOT of money! The games are played in real time, with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. At special times there are tourneys, with an unlimited number of participants. The prize money depends on the number of players. I would appreciate your feedback.
  9. Fritz1


    QuizTime.live is a new quiz platform, a collection of skill games where you can win a LOT of money! The games are played in real time, with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. At special times there are tourneys, with an unlimited number of participants. The prize money depends on the number of players.
  10. Fritz1


    Also, I checked with taxation. Everything runs normally as part of my business. I am now ready to ask for feedback and will do so in another thread..
  11. Fritz1


    OK, I took a longer time to talk to authorities and lawyers. Finally, I received official confirmation. My quiz platform is LEGAL, both in my own country and worldwide.
  12. Fritz1


    Thank you for your word of caution. I will definitely consult a lawyer.
  13. Fritz1


    Thanks for your reply. Concerning the law in our country, it is about whether or not I am allowed to offer these games. So it is the first step I needed to take, to find out if I have to get a special permission. I received an official statement from our government. They permit me to offer these games without the need for a special certificate. It is possible that people in some countries are not allowed to play these games, if I understand correctly. I respect these laws, even if it does sound strange to see playing these games as "betting". I rather see it as players paying an entrance fee into the playing hall. Especially since they do not at all rely on any "chance", but solely on the players' skill. It would be chance if it depended on dice, or cards. But no such things are involved. And concerning Play Store, I see some games that offer this or some similar functionality as well. But anyway, thank you for your advice.
  14. Fritz1


    It really depends how you define gambling. In our country, the government restricts gambling, but not gaming. I checked with them and they said, my games are not gambling. By that, they mean, it does not involve "luck", "coincidence", "chance", "rolling dice" and the like. Our games purely depend on a player's skill and speed (whoever is first gets a point). Yes, you can play with a stake, and win money big time. But it's not like with poker: if an Ace comes I win, if not I loose. If you are good at it, you win.
  15. Fritz1


    I have finished developing a number of games. Because I am new here, I need to post 5 posts to be allowed to announce my site. So, here goes, I thought I start with introducing myself. I have been programming for many years, usually sites, web apps and mobile apps. Most of it was one using PHP, MySQL, frameworks, and a stable Linux system. Now I have turned my attention to web sockets. Since I am a chess player, I was thinking about implementing these kind of games myself, i. e. two players, playing each other, in real time. I chose web sockets for that. Had to learn quite a bit, but naturally, my past experience in programming helped a lot. So, I did a "four in a row" game, which only makes sense for two players (otherwise it would not be fair). It worked - it was so encouraging! I expanded, and did a "five in a row". The more I implemented, they more joy I had, and wanted to do more. Later on, I added other games. And again a little later, I added games for more than two players. So now, after some months, I have a collection of 12 games, each for 1 - 5 players, all playing each other in real time (except when you practice by yourself). Some of these games are being played alternately (by 2 players). Others are being played at the same time, by as many as 5 players. Then I decided to combine my programming skills with business. So everyone can play these games for free, but they can also choose to play with a stake. There you have it, a great opportunity to win some cash! One more thing was and is important to me: I like sincerity, so I did not implement any games that had to do with "coincidents", "rolling dice", and so on. The games I develop should be fair, depending on things like skill, intellect, knowledge, practice, and solving things quickly. Simple games, easy to understand, so everyone can play them. Also, if you are good at them, you win. It should be entertaining, and you can even win some cash. Thanks for your attention and I hope I can learn more in this forum.
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