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  1. yetiman123

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    Well, History basically was taught to us all wrong. Just read "Lies my teacher told me" You will see what I mean. I am not saying everything in this book is the truth, but it makes a lot more sense than the stuff they force fed us in school. The truly best stories are developed in your heart and soul. (listening to Chelsa Wolfe) while writing also helps.
  2. yetiman123

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    Rule #1... Writers write everyday. Every single day. Even if it is only a sentence or two. Rule #2 You should always have an "open feeling" about your story line. What I mean, never be completely feel "happy about it", It should always be "could be better". By going back and back to it. over and over again, you will start to see things you missed, or what could be better. Rule #3. Don't through away those old ideas. Keep a folder, or file of the stuff you didn't use this time. Save for another time.. these are important.. Honest.
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