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  1. psychocyber

    The Magic Portals

    Magic Portal is a collection of 4 portals that will take you on a journey to 4 different worlds using ARKit portals. The first portal will take you to a wonderful beach in Indonesia. The second portal throws you in the middle of Times Square, New York. The third portal is a shooting game where you have to kill laboratory rats contaminated by a deadly virus using a laser gun and a night vision device. You can destroy all the warehouse if have time and ammo for that. The forth portal is a Puppy Portal where you can see cute puppies and dogs around. Open the portals is easy, just follow the instructions to start the journey. I hope you enjoy the experience.
  2. psychocyber

    Rat Battle Augmented Reality Shooting Game

    Album for Rat Battle Augmented Reality Shooting Game
  3. psychocyber

    The Magic Portals

    Album for The Magic Portals
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