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  1. Golden Donkey Productions

    Unity: IRL to in game

    Thanks a lot that's a great help.
  2. Golden Donkey Productions

    AR Unity: IRL to in game

    Hi, I've been working on this issue for a while and haven't yet found an answer. Does anyone know the best way to convert unity's LAT & LONG into a vector 3 position that I could use in a virtual world (if it's even possible). Thankyou in advance
  3. Golden Donkey Productions

    Where to get started in making a text based MUD?

    Thanks evillive2 and hplus0603... I think a web page approach would probably attract the most people but I'm gonna stick with people who use MUD clients purely because I'm more confident in those languages. Maybe once I have a base game out I might spread out to web pages. Also for anyone who is looking at this thread for help on the subject, I found this which I found very helpful.
  4. Golden Donkey Productions

    Where to get started in making a text based MUD?

    Thanks that's a lot of help. I am just doing it as a small project so I'll check out these smaller projects first
  5. Where to get started in making a text based MUD? So I have been making small games for over 3 years now and I'm comfortable in the programming languages that follow: 1. Python (I need a bit of practice with this) 2. C# (I am the most comfortable in this) 3. Java (I know quite a bit but might need to do a tad of research) and I have also done a bit in: 4. JS (I know pretty much nothing here) 5. And some other stuff Anyway, so now you know all that rubbish here goes. What I wan't to do is program a text based MMORPG or a text based MUD. I have basically no clue where to begin so I what I need is some places to start. If anyone has any information on the subject, anything at all, please post it bellow. I will be really appreciated.
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