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  1. Alternative for an open world

    Procedural generation can also be from grammers and rule sets.
  3. Alternative for an open world

    I've heard the term "walking simulator" thrown around... maybe thats what you're after. But like Scouting Ninja said if you limit your scope or use tricks you could do an open world yourself. By tricks I mean things like procedural generation, and things that are variations of each other. In the case of the latter the point would be to model 10 characters with 10 variations of each instead of a hundred models.
  4. 900 Hz Monitor? would it matter?

    Yeah I hadn't even thought of that in my response... the structural integrity of the monitor might break down at such a high speed of rotation. Thirty revolutions per second seems insane. Oh and to the OP since this seems to be a professional project I would directly reach out to Nvidia and AMD and ask about frame rate limitations and bypassing them for your project.
  5. 900 Hz Monitor? would it matter?

    Well if you're using a digital output I should think you'd bypass any RAMDAC limitations. HDMI 2.0 has 18Gbs bandwidth and 640*480*24*900= approx 6.7 Gbs so that should be OK. Gaming monitors that are 240hz available IIRC. So I would say it might be possible but I'm not sure... maybe there's a driver limitation or EDID (i think thats right) problem. Also out of curiousity what will you be doing in regards to a standard cable twisting if the display rotates in a circle? Whatever solution you come up with would have to handle hdmi2 bandwidth/noise standards.
  6. How do I create two vertex buffers in directX?

    If I'm understanding you correctly you should read through this: The section 'input slots' is what you're after... but you'll need to read through the whole example. IIRC they are also called vertex streams or input streams.
  7. Thanks... I've messed with the hosts file before, but avoid using it for things like this. Settled on an adblock list called NoCoin... it was built in to Opera thats how I learned about it. I had disabled adblocking for gamedev thats why it had got through.
  8. Where do you set this up? Browser, Firewall, Windows DNS config? I would like to do this too.
  9. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    Well I did a search because I was curious and found CopperLicht... was that it? I was gonna ask you about how to get C++ to javascript but I guess its all bundled up in CopperLicht. Unless you code in javascript directly? I know this might sound stupid but as an experienced Irrlicht developer, can you give a summary of your thoughts on the engine and its pros and cons?
  10. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    You can make browser games with Irrlicht? How does that work...? Did you have to make a custom renderer? Well I learned about Coppercube from the irredit page, what other engines use Irrlicht as its core?
  11. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    You mind if I ask what you made with Irrlicht? I only played with it a little, but decided I wanted to roll my own.
  12. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    What about Irredit: It's even link from the Irrlicht website: I had suggested Irrlicht to him also but wasn't sure... it doesn't have asset streaming built-in AFAIK.
  13. i need learn more about the Game Loop

    Is it just me or in that diagram does it look like Load Resources in the game loop? That makes no sense.
  14. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    You could always work on the non-graphical portion of the game if you still want to do something. If I were you I'd work on the 'LOD' involved with the AI and the AI itself. Of course it would help if you knew what language you'd be working in but you could always port it over if necessary. Also having a clearer picture of game rules and balancing will also help you implement something quicker. You could always prototype the whole thing in 2d with place holder art so you don't have to put to much work into it. The only problem with that would be if you had flying in it. But again for open world games AI and the 'LOD' associated with it will in most cases be implemented by you. The reason for this is because a computer can only simulate like twenty to a couple of hundred of AI entities at once depending on the power of the PC and how intricate the AI is. So you'll need to activate and deactivate AI entities depending on relevance in order to get good performance. This can be as simple as something such as if distance less than 100 then or something a lot more complicated.
  15. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    Just so you know the GMA 950 in your chipset doesn't have hardware vertex processing. Aka hardware T&L and/or hardware vertex shaders. Without it your CPU does all the vertex processing, thats why everything is so slow. My core2duo was also 2ghz but I had a decent little video card that was included with the computer and things ran well enough. I don't mean to be that guy but I think you should at least upgrade your video card if you can (is it a desktop or laptop)... otherwise I think you're not gonna be able to make an open world game unless you make a lot of big sacrifices. But again look into Irrlicht it might just work for you, it even includes two software renderers.