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  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say try SpringRTS. You supposedly can customize pretty much anything and it will be alot easier to get results quickly since everything already has an implementation. I think quick results and ease of getting up and running are important. However I'd also say go to the unity store and see if there is code for an RTS (I just quickly checked and it appears to have something -!/content/79732 ), that also might be a good option.
  2. I think the term you want to search for is auto tiles. I don't know much about there implementation but I think thats the term used to describe your diagram.
  3. Nevermind the second point, upon closer inspection the one reply to that thread is by JesseNatalie just using a different username. So the only thing I've spotted so far is incorrect reply counts.
  4. So I'm browsing the forum after the update and one the post count on some threads are wrong. Second in one thread its missing a reply. The thread is this one: it says there are zero replies, there is one reply and IIRC there should be two replies, the first by JesseNatalie. (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly.)