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  1. Hi, I added you on Discord, I'm interested on a Java dev position
  2. Hi, I have sent you a DM if you still need a programmer, let me know on that message
  3. bovacu

    Looking For Programmer [COLLAB]

    Hi, I really like your art-style and if you have any idea in mind we can work together. I'll copy here my discord to chat if you want. https://discord.gg/aVvMBba
  4. bovacu

    Voice Actors Needed

    Hi, I've send you a discord friend request, I'm adre997 so I'll be waiting for your response for male voice actor.
  5. bovacu

    Distance to point beyond a rectangle

    Hi, I've solved your problem as shown on the images. In case there are uploaded not in correct order, the first one is the one with half paper in white, then the other one. I've solved part for general cases, but for the final solution I've taken some random values as you will see. Have in mind that Rx is the left upper corner x value of the rectangle and Rx+w is that x plus the rectangle width. You just need to adapt these to your data. Hope it is clear and undersatble and it can help you. And sorry for the image quality, it is lower than on my mobile
  6. bovacu

    Looking to join a startup game studio?

    Hi! I mainly program in Java, but I also have some experience with Unity and C#. If you still need help you can contact me from this web page or my discord https://discord.gg/2NbqRc
  7. bovacu

    Looking for a coder to work with

    Hi! I'm mainly a Java programmer, but I also have some experience with Unity and C# and also with some experience with C++. If you still need help I'd love to read what you're planning to do with that game. My discord https://discord.gg/2NbqRc
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