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  1. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    perfect thanks dude
  2. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    im aware of that part kinda im not that stupid
  3. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    well not real time but like how u say have it like dump it? like mainly how do i get my unity game talking to a dedicated server? which is running what ever it needs to run (please explain) and also the db "mysql" preferably? i know i probs sound stupuid here but yea! im clueless! and everyone has to ask these questions at somepoint?
  4. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    sooo no to the client talking to the db but lets go back to how do i get the db storing the data and the client talking to it ect ect all in real time and regarding the backups? how would u approach lets say for example really simply manually on a daily basis
  5. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    yeaa i think thats what i was thinking kinda i dont want there clients talking with the db? i want there clients talking to a headless version of my game which then inturn talks to the db? is this correct? like i know i probs sound like an idiot hahahah but sorry
  6. Ryan Hopkins

    How To Approach all this?

    Thanks for that reply dude! and yea il try giving some more info now 3rd/1st person survival multiplayer game (pc) currently but then to work on consoles Engine is unity i already have it working with the unity multiplayer thing but i want something more dedicated with a database and yea preffs mysql as i know it abit and about the persistent account data, character progression, inventory that follows the player through time, and so forth part yeaa i want account details inventory health and all the current data to be stored in a db and be updated in real time? as the player progresses? i hope i aint seemed like an idiot again and helped u help me???? like how do i get my game talking with a dedicated server i mean which is running like all the main client files / db along side and the client just uses a login client with all the map data and stuff like that but deals with no data stuff all that it server sided? is that the word "server sided"?
  7. Yoo ive been wanting to start this project for agess and finaly got around im not gona give tomuch info oofc but yea how can i go about having a client which talks to "game" server Things i need it to do account,stats,location,invent,kills, and like just things relevant to the players ofc so when they log out they dont disappear ahaha i do know the basics behind it all but i just dont know how to approach it or were to start ie like what should i use? mysql? can i host the game of a ubuntu server or windows ect ect? as i want only the core game files in the client if any of u guys ever hosted a wow 3.3.5 server kinda like how the trinitiy core shit do all the db talking with the wow client? like that sorta thing
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