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  1. Ciaphas

    Land of Sand

    Land of Sand is a mixture of real-time strategy and global strategy. You are appointed planetary governor of Foedia -- a desert world known for its harsh conditions and valuable minerals. However two rival powers don't agree with this and declare war on you. Your task is to defeat them and bring Foedia under the rule of your faction over once and forever. In order to win you have to build, develop and defend your base, harvest resources, train soldiers and produce vehicles, struggle with extreme conditions and hostile fauna and finally -- defeat your enemies. Land of Sand is going to have two layers: global strategy and RTS missions. There is a global map devided into regions, which player defends or conquers during Dune like RTS missions. In between missions player chooses what region to attack, invests resources in capital base development and researching technologies, gathers intelligence on enemy regions, sends agents to sabotage enemy efforts, negotiates with secondary factions. Capital base progress and global situation influence player capabilities during missions: how much supplies and reinforcements can be supplied, what units and buildings are available, secondary factions relations as allies, neutrals or enemies.
  2. Ciaphas

    Land of Sand

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