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  1. Ciaphas

    RTS design techniques?

    I would say that Mount & Blade strategical aspect evolution would produce something like Battlezone as final result. The strategy from the eyes of commander in first person view so to say. This is an interesting and fruitful approach (I believe its merger with RPG can be especially fruitfull. ), but too deviating from classical strategy (not even RTS but any strategy game). This evolution can be viewed as extention "downwards" the detail scale -- to include single unit level. The other direction I can think of is to extend game "upwards" -- to a higher level. This would meen to add global strategy aspect in real time where RTS battle would be a single battle on some global map. My idea here is that it can be a global map without any division from which player "zooms" to certain points to control RTS battles. Kind of Supreme Commander maximum distance view where bases and large masses of units turn to dots, map details fade into physical map like view and hubs from global strategy (like province centers or cities) added to the same space. It would be an RTS so big in map and scale that it would grow to global strategy size, if you understand what I mean.
  2. Ciaphas

    RTS design techniques?

    This is what I want from Piranha Bytes, but they wouldn't do even that nowadays.)) Thus I understand you. As for me, I have always waited for RTS to add something new not just change skins. Somewhere between 1990 and 2005 RTSs evolved and progressed turbulently. I remember, for example, how innovative and interesting were the features they added in WarWind: implants, enterable buildings, unit retraining, vehicles that belong to no faction until some unit enters them. The very fact that every unit type was trained from simple worker was novel. Each unit also had very detailed and unique look just as the whole setting. Ironically all of this didn't help the game.) I left RTS for RPG some ten years ago because became tired of it (and of seeing either the same clones or things that went too far away from original RTS) . Now I decided to return to RTS genre but as a developer, not player. Am now I rack my brains on how to make something more than just another clone and whether this is even possible. This is why I asked the questions above.
  3. Ciaphas

    RTS design techniques?

    Strong theme (or should we better say setting?) of course does create immersion and adds to the games unique look. But I think there is deeper reason why mentioned games are disinteresting and weak: they are nothing but clones of C&C without any innovation or balance. They have nothing unique in the gameplay and mechanics domain. It seems to me that the only line of RTS development that survived is the complex stone-scissors-paper system of specialised units that Starcraft series develops. All other lines are stagnant for a long time. All this makes me wonder if classic "pure RTS" have exhausted their potential and there simply can't any significant development. Which brings us back to RTS design topic. And here are some related questions I would like to ask: What possible directions of RTS development do you see? What mechanics can be added? How can RTS evolve? Maybe it should extend upwards to some kind of metastrategy with RTS mode as an element? Or maybe elements should be borrowed from other genres?
  4. Ciaphas

    Land of Sand

    Land of Sand is a mixture of real-time strategy and global strategy. You are appointed planetary governor of Foedia -- a desert world known for its harsh conditions and valuable minerals. However two rival powers don't agree with this and declare war on you. Your task is to defeat them and bring Foedia under the rule of your faction over once and forever. In order to win you have to build, develop and defend your base, harvest resources, train soldiers and produce vehicles, struggle with extreme conditions and hostile fauna and finally -- defeat your enemies. Land of Sand is going to have two layers: global strategy and RTS missions. There is a global map devided into regions, which player defends or conquers during Dune like RTS missions. In between missions player chooses what region to attack, invests resources in capital base development and researching technologies, gathers intelligence on enemy regions, sends agents to sabotage enemy efforts, negotiates with secondary factions. Capital base progress and global situation influence player capabilities during missions: how much supplies and reinforcements can be supplied, what units and buildings are available, secondary factions relations as allies, neutrals or enemies.
  5. I used DirectX in projects on Borland C++ Builder 6.0. Microsoft .libs don't work with Builder so I tooe special .lib files from here: http://www.clootie.ru/cbuilder/index.html#DX_CBuilder_SDKs Now I've moved to C++ Builder 10 Berlin and have to find a way to attach DirectX to my project again. I've searched the Web but found nothing on how to get access to DirectX in Embarcadero Builders, only old information on Borland Builder and old .libs. DirectX SDK .libs still can't be used with new Builder 10 because of incompatible format. My question is: did anyone use DirectX with Embarcadero Builder and how did you solve .libs problem? Can anyone give me a guide or example on how to make DirectX accessible in your Builder 10 project? Why there is no information on this anywhere?
  6. Ciaphas

    Good title for a medieval city builder?

    I would actually say that Lord (or other title) of *TownName* is a better than just TownName: it tells player that he will be in the role of ruler and gives insight into the nature of the game -- strategy. This allows to classify game by its very title, the title speaks for itself. And developing the thought about verbs in the title, you can come along C&C lines and use something like Build & Defend Build & Harvest just search for better synonyms.
  7. Ciaphas

    Land of Sand

    Album for Land of Sand
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