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  1. Woum

    Strategy Gniarf

    Hey ! I wanted a better vizualisation of Gniarf moving, I did that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8keBQRer4Vs Gniarfs flying to the tiles they are taking, any feedbacks ? Thanks for reading me !
  2. Woum

    Strategy Gniarf

    Hello, I'm new in this community, I hope there is no problem showing a WIP project here ? I'd be glad to post here about the updates of my game and having feedback :). I'm the developer of Strategy Gniarf which is a turned based strategy game on Android using Libgdx inspired by a old game I played when I was young. The goal of each level is to get all the tiles of the map. You start with some tiles (territories) that generate apples, with apples you buy Gniarfs. Fighting ? Gniarfs have strenght, you can eat weaker Gniarf if you are stronger. All of that turned based versus some IA (multiplayer may come if there is enough player). Not a full family photography : -Simple mecanics -Nothing here to grab whales -Nothing here to frustrate you -Just play the levels and enjoy The monetization of the end game will be a demo of some levels (like 5-10 I don't know) in every world and "you can pay to have access of the full game" if you enjoyed playing it. No ads involved, try it for free, and if you like it, support the work. Development The Code I have coded everything alone since early November 2017. I choose Libgdx because of Java. I know that going into indie and complicated and there is a high risk that after this project I go back to work in a company, so much so use a techno that sounds a little in the ears of my potential future employers : Java. Graphics I am alone, I am not a graphic designer, I have used free/modified assets and make some images with inkscape. I find the correct result, we did not spit on it either or praise it. Musical Ambiance At the sound level I have a loop that I bought to a freelance, I see for the rest but I have no talent in it either ^^. WIP Currently I have a tutorial that took me a long time to tweak and that will probably have some change and a few dozen levels. The game system is fully operational, outside my scary menu parameter, I have almost everything ready and I can finally tackle to add more content! I'll finish on a small montage of where the game is now: All honest feedback are welcomed. Thanks for reading. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woum.strategygniarf
  3. Woum

    Strategy Gniarf

    Hello GameDev ! I did a minor update of my app (0.052a), I add some crashs happening that are normally resolved. I added a small feature, you can double tap in the menu to select the next unit unmoved. That way when you have one big territory it's way easier to move all your gniarfs instead of clicking on them one by one. I made some more levels when I didn't add them, I'll wait to have more and so I can adjust the difficulty/make some bonus levels, be patient ! Thanks for reading me ! (Small video to show the double tap : https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/987319146605088769)
  4. Woum

    Strategy Gniarf

    Hello ! Update 0.51a -The level select screen changed -No bug with the watch tower Gniarf -Some change in the level 3 to help understanding the attack mechanism Tryed some color change for the dot in game, nothing was good Nothing really big this time, I took a lot of time to see how to market my game, like it's pretty hard to have actual gamer for your game when you're a "nobody" ^^. Harder when you're just in alpha/beta haha. Thanks for reading me !
  5. Woum

    Strategy Gniarf

    Update 0.50a I received very constructive feedback on some changes to make to improve the understanding of the game, I still have some improvements to make (in terms of color, the less colored background and more equal colors between gniarfs) Ghosts ! No more trees that prevent the recovery of apples. Because, eh, in fact, the apples are on trees, so the logic behind it was :roll: . While there ghosts that pop from graves, it seems more plausible! Visual indications! These indications will be deactivated case by case later in the parameters, for the moment it's just in help/not help mode that it appears/does not appear. We now have: -Visualization at the top right of the Gniarf selected in the menu with what it will impact on our visible resources directly (I also changed the effect when we are not in "help" mode) -Visualization of the defense radius of the Gniarfs (small dots) -Also a small bonus : shadows for the boxes to better differentiate them. With obviously some corrections here and there that are not worth the shot to be noted here. Thanks for reading me !
  6. I hate horror game/movies, I just can't stand the ambience ! And yeah, I hated your teaser, so, I think it's good enough or I would just ignore it :D. Good luck !
  7. My 2 cents : I was like "oh, yeah, taht can be great" and then I read about the "buff/debugg" comment of valrus and I realized something. It's totally like a buff/debuff, like, "you take damage if you don't land" => it's delayed "poison" damage, if you don't cure it => you'll take damages. Or am I wrong ? I still think that can be a good idea and you can think of all your effect like "usuall effects" (an aura of water => less damage from fire) but with more visual representation. Can be cool. Good luck !
  8. It seemed promising, maybe you didn't have enough international ads ? When I checked the comments, there is like 90% of non-english speake, kind of sad to see this. Well without a publisher it seems really hard to have visibility, I hope your project is not dead, but it seems :(. I'd really like to see a post about what you think you did wrong/what happened if one day you come here. I don't think you will because you posted one day and never came back, but well...
  9. Hello, I'm not a puzzle gamer but I find it totally clean. A post-mortem of your development ? How long/how did you do your marketting ?
  10. Woum

    what do you listen to while making / playing games??

    I just don't like to code with something with lyrics, it disturbs me, like, a lot. When I was working in a open-space it was a nightmare, always someone talking diturbing me. Usually I just had music in my ears but when I have to focus on a bug that resist me I need silence. But well, I had to learn how to work with some hubbub around me, still not liking it :p.
  11. Woum

    How to start the journey

    Hello, When I wanted to start to make my first game I didn't know what should I take, I have a programming background, it helps a lot, but I think the tutorial I followed to start with was quite good : http://pixelnest.io/tutorials/2d-game-unity/table-of-contents/ It's with the engine Unity, following this and you should have easily your first 2D Shooter with a unity working and some more knwoledge. Good luck !
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