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  1. Yes.I still need one.Send me more details about your artwork at ghiurcutaandrei@gmail.com
  2. I am working on a 2D SideScroller game in my own made game engine using SFML and C++.I am searching for 2D artists,especially pixel artist for making and animating characters,backgrounds and other props that can be made in any Drawing Program.The artist will become part of the team of Hammer Studios and he got a part of the Revenue Sharing.If you are interested send me a mail at:ghiurcutaandrei@gmail.com .If you are not an artist but you want to be a part of our Team,Soon we will be recruiting an C++ AI programmers that worked in SFML/OpenGL. We work together using Discord.
  3. I am looking for a Pixel Artist who can make and animate sprites for my game. I am looking for a Network Programmer who can bring the multiplayer feature to our game(matchmaking,servers,etc) I am developing a 2d game with naruto anime characters.To make an idea about the game you can search on google "naruto shinobi rumble".That is what I want my game to be,but with multiplayer matches .I didn't decide yet if it will be cross-platform.Now we are aiming for a mobile game to get funds for the desktop release. If you are interested pls PM me.If you have any questions reply me here.
  4. I'm interested in finding a team where I can learn about making a game engine.I made games in C++ with SFML&OpenGL(more arcade games).
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