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  1. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Sorry I didn't see the article. Thank you very much, I'll dig deep in the solution before asking further questions.
  2. Thank you for your response, it's easier to understand why someone would need such resolutions. And it is true that my application may involve text annotations, so I will have to be cautious on this criterion.
  3. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Yep, I knew I would lost someone with the X approach. So the solution I was asking was to mirror the PC display to a headset, more precisely here, I would like to mirror the tablet display on the AR headset. Why ? Because originally, the solution that I found to annotate dynamically, was for my friend to share his screen with me so I could see what he sees on his desktop (I know, it's so stupid to do it that way, but I couldn't find a solution that would do it simply). As I'm streaming what I see live, he would see what I see and he could annotate on his desktop PC for instance. And as he is sharing his screen with me, I would see his desktop monitor with annotations on my tablet, at this point I need the mirror tablet to AR. And yes that is the big big picture. Additionnal context would be Windows OS as I'll use a surface tablet for raw power. Thank you for the link, I read the description and I'm having issues picturing what it does exactly, do you know if there is a demonstration video somewhere ? Don't get me wrong, the description seems to do exactly what I need (well almost, I'll do the rest of course), but there is a huge difference between what I understood of the project and what it does exactly. Thank you very much for your help, Best regards, Joseph
  4. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Thank you Tom Sloper, I also think ("hope" probably fits better) that it is Windows. Thank you Hodgman for trying to help me. I know about the XY problem, To be honest with you, I've tried so many times the X approach, and got turned down so hard so many times, that I decided to never do it again. A long time ago, I would ask a question about my "big picture" and I would always have an answer that is absolutely not what I wanted to do. For other times, I usually got a "are you dumb ?" or "your project is useless". But hey, it's a new year, I'll try that one more time. So here is the big picture. Ultimately, I would like to allow a friend of mine to "draw shapes" on what I see on my AR glasses. Let's say I'm on top of a mountain and I'm streaming live what I see (using AR glasses) to a friend who is on his PC. I would like my friend to see what I see and allow him to interact with me. For instance, he could annotate informations on what I see. He would directly make his annotations on his screen, and I want to be able to see his "drawings" directly on my glasses (even if it is way smaller). Or we could use this for a more "constructive" project. Let's say I'm a mechanic, and I don't know how to repair a machine and my friend does. If I use the same system (broadcast what I see and allow him to annotate what I see), he could guide me through the steps so I can repair my machine. I know, it's a really broad project. There are probably thousands of ways to do it, and there are definetely thousands of ways where I couldn't do it. So there is a high chance that the solutions you will give me, won't be accessible for me because I lack the skills, that's why I tried the Y approach. At least the Y approach is something I could do, and I wouldn't waste all of your time. However, I'm open-minded, and I'm ready to listen to your solutions fully, I'll just ask you to do the same for me if I can't follow you or if I ask "stupid" questions for an expert. I also know that it will be really hard for the experts here to be "nice". I work with experts all day and I watch them go mad at me everyday for asking "stupid" questions, so I understand if you lash out at me at some point. Thank you again for your help everyone, Best regards, Joseph
  5. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Hello swiftcoder and thank you for your answer. You are right. Once again, I'm too vague. To answer your questions : I would like to mirror the PC screen in a fixed location relative to the user's gaze, so it always stays in front of them as they move their head (sorry I just quoted your message exactly, but I couldn't say it better). Given what you are saying, I'm more likely to use an Epson Moverio-like glasses. I read in the specifications that the Moverio is using Android OS and that there is an android SDK available. Do you think that it is possible to use an android SDK to mirror the screen of a Windows PC on an Android Smart Glasses ? (I'll probably have to code a bit so that windows OS and Android OS can interact with each other). I'll try to do it with a smartphone as you say, it is way less risky and I'll probably learn a lot just by taking this simple step, I can't believe I didn't think of that before. Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your response ! Best regards, Joseph
  6. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Hello Tom, thank you for your answer. I'll check Epson Moverio glasses right away. The more, the better. I just watched the Epson Moverio video on Youtube, there is a scene where the guy can see "through" the camera of his drone in his glasses. No doubt, it's a special effect stunt in this video, but maybe, if I learn more about how content is streamed between the drone and the glasses, I could find a solution. Wow, Intel's Vaunt is really something else, thank you again, one more in my list ! Finally someone who thought a little more about interactions with the display. I have a few ideas about this one. I couldn't find the OS, but I'll keep an eye on it. If I find a way myself, I'll make sure to give the solution I chose here. It won't be a pretty one, this I can tell :). Thank you again !
  7. Joseph Nguyen

    Smart glasses with Windows OS

    Hello iedoc, thank you for your response. You are right, let me be more specific. Hololens is too bulky for me, even though it's only slightly bigger. Please find two pictures below for illustration. Vuzix AR glasses are okay. Hololens Vuzix I thought Google Glass was a dead project, is it still on ? And yes, as Good was the first smart glasses, it wasn't enough for me. I've been looking at Vuzix, Solos-wearable, Everysight, ODG, Sony, Avegant, Toshiba, and many others. I won't waste your time. Basically, they are all okay, but they are also all on Android OS (except Toshiba). As I'm working on Windows, using Windows software, I would like to use a Windows OS on my smart glasses too. I had to discard VR because it is way too bulky and it cuts you from your environment, which I don't want to do. It's okay if the glasses are connected to the PC as I want to mirror the monitor on the glasses, or at least a part of it. It's okay if the black color is transparent, all these issues will be resolved at some point, in some way. Thank you for your help, I hope I was more specific.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm writing this topic because I can't find a right fit for me. I'm working on a project where AR glasses would be an "extra monitor" and connected to a PC using Windows OS. The AR Glasses would just (for now) mirror the PC monitor or parts of it. The easiest solution for me would be to start my project with AR glasses that are using a Windows OS. However, all the glasses I could find are using Android OS. I'm not interested by the Hololens, because it is too expensive and too bulky. Using Google, I found 3 ways to solve my issue but as I'm a noob, I'm writing this topic so that people who are more expert than me can tell me if I understood correctly, and maybe guide me on which path I should choose : Solution 1 : Someone in the world knows where to find AR glasses with Windows OS on them. Can someone give me a brand name if you think this solution is viable ? Solution 2 : I misunderstood how AR glasses work, and I could install any OS I want on any Smart Glasses. This article talks about Vuzix m100 android smart glasses that are using windows 10 OS. Is it possible to switch OS on smart glasses ? If yes, I will just buy any smart glasses that would fit my needs. Solution 3 : I'll just code a piece of software that will bridge the Android OS app with my Windows OS software. This solution seems to involve more work, but maybe a bit of code is already available in open source. Which solution would you pick if you had to conduct this project, knowing that the PC has to use Windows OS and the AR glasses have to mirror the PC Screen. Thank you for your help, Best Regards, Joseph Nguyen
  9. Thank you very much for your help everyone. I was just wondering if it was technically possible as there is almost no information or no topic on the subject. I'm reassured that this basic feature is possible to perform. For the resolution of the glasses, of course I'm not going for the same as a desktop monitor, for the application I'm trying to develop it would be useless. However, I'm intringued, why would someone need the same resolution in his smart glasses ? Does someone know concrete cases where it could be useful ? (Except the fact that it would look good) Thank you for the link to the Leap Motion's project, I'm also very interested in hand tracking. I'm sorry, I'm new to the forum, is there a way for me to change the title of the topic to add [Solved] ?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm writing this new topic because I'm trying to know more about AR, especially smart glasses. I'm reading everywhere that smart glasses are getting crazier, you can always do more stuff with it. However, I would like to know if it is possible to do something really basic : "can I mirror my PC screen on any smart glasses ?". I can find no information about this feature. Either it's so basic that everyone (but me) knows how to do it, or smart glasses can't do it at all. My Google research allowed me to find that Vuzix is creating an app to mirror the PC screen, do I seriously need an app and spend 1400€ for smart glasses just to mirror my PC monitor ? Can someone tell me if it is possible to mirror your screen on smart glasses without spending a crazy amount of money ? The ideal solution for me would be to find smart glasses that does just that, mirror your PC screen or tablet. Thank you very much for your help, Best regards, Joseph
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