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  1. Hello and welcome to BravoStudios we are looking for a team of people who know how to use unreal engine can help us make our game! This is just a hobby project, the goal is to make money but it will be done in the teams own time! what is our games main plot! SETTING-2011or2012 San Andreas. Featuring The two cities of San Fierro And Los Santos. Also featuring the towns of peleto bay(halfway bay),sandy shores and Las Venturas. Story-You play as Michael who of which just got into Witness Protection and out of the criminal underworld. But just because he's not robbing banks, running from the cops and criminal groups. Doesn't mean san andreas is safe from wacky people wether it's the smart rich citizens of the north or the talented brash people of the south Michael will have to get up and explore the WHOLE west coast even if it means killing people. Gameplay-The game will feature drug dealing In which you the player can get income from selling or buying you'll have to watch out for cops and scammers. Also since you'll meet interesting people and old friends, doing this can give you special missions and abilities. the following roles that are needed to be filled are: MAP DESIGNER GFX DESIGNER MODEL DESIGNER PROGRAMMER TESTERS JOIN OUR DISCORD!
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