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  1. Paszq


    Hello! Arpago is RPG-lite I am working on since 2016. It is an action RPG-lite using top-down perspective and 3D graphics in late 90s style (N64 / PSX-era). The game is set in a cartoony fantasy world and is loosely inspired by Egoboo and Dungeon Siege, as well as other modern fantasy works. I've worked on all of the models, textures, animations, rigs, particle effects, and scripts – since March 2018, Adam has joined me as a composer and sound designer. At the moment the plan is to include the following stuff in the game: a fully explorable semi-open world, at least 5 classes, lots of weapons, and weapon types: swords, axes, staves, thrust, thrown, crossbows, wands, rods, traps, lots of gear – helmets, armors, shields, amulets, rings, hands, boots, spell system, a large bestiary, different AI behaviour types for different enemies – ex. melee/ranged, aggressive/cautious, precise/careless, no level-scaling, splitscreen multiplayer, hopefully online multiplayer, retro 3D graphics – rendering resolution 640×480, a limited color palette, low-poly models, no texture filtering. Gameplay video: Exploration video Ranger fighting a Hellspawn
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    Album for Arpago
  3. I can't speak for everyone, but there's at least one that does! I am making a game that I'd like to play, and while I do playtest each feature separately, there are situations where I launch a stage just to play a bit, just because there isn't enough content yet to play from start to finish
  4. Hello! I am new to this site - my name is Pawel and for the last 1.5 year I've been working on a little personal project in Unity, heavily inspired by games I liked and wanted to see them mixed. I called it Arpago.What it isIt is a top-down action RPG-lite as I like to call it. It is set in a cartoony fantasy universe, has semi-open world divided into zones, and a lot of freedom regarding the playthroughs. Player can choose one of 3 playable races - Human, Fox Folk, or Troglodytes, and one of 5 classes - Warrior, Ranger, Marksman, Summoner, and Battlemage. The game has working combat, inventory, spells, quests, map, NPCs, enemies, dialogue, interface, usable objects (ex. tools), split-screen, so the only things left to do regarding major features are finishing local multi and online support.Major inspirations were Egoboo- a roguelike from early 1999, which I used as a reference regarding combat dynamics, "kind-of" visual style, and perspective. Dungeon Siege - hack'n'slash / RPG from 2002 - it was my go-to inspiration regarding magic, class design, balance, as well as its dedicated huge multiplayer map was a good example of world design. Also Tibia, an MMO from 90s that I played for 4 years in mid 2000s - from that one I took some lessons regarding world design, creature balance, and atmosphere. Other inspirations probably were Gothic 1 & 2 (settlement design, Khorinis is just so good city) and Dark Souls games (trying to create a lot interconnectivity in the world, using a kind of savepoint system, still deciding on death penalty).Until few weeks ago I worked on it alone in my free time, I made all the assets except sounds myself and have spent about 2000 hours on its development as of now. I have fun doing it, I don't treat it like a second job and I take long breaks occassionally. From over 1.5 month I've been working with Adam, who will be composer and sound designer for the project. We are currently working to create a vertical slice of the game and release it as a demo.Videos Ranger trying to outplay a Hellspawn Summoner fighting a Cyclops Woods and Graveyard gameplay Team hunting (split-screen) Town exploration gameplay Gifs: Quest/dialogue systemVisiting post officeFarmlands viewSummaryI've got a Twitter and a Website with devblog, which I try to keep updated. If you are interested in the project, please let me know! Any ideas, any criticism, any questions, any suggestions - all kinds of feedback are welcome! I'll try posting here now and then - keeping up with all the forums is quite a challenge for such a small team Thanks!
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