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  1. Kuurde

    Not even a beginner yet...

    Since you can't install Unity yet, and you probably have a text editor on your computer ... You could start with something simpler, and you won't need art skills either: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Games/Tutorials/2D_Breakout_game_pure_JavaScript You might give this one a read as well:
  2. I'm glad you were able to figure it out. How would you rate the book? Did you have previous programming experience?
  3. I'll never be able to give you a complete list of all possible options, so I'll just give you one. You can google for others ... http://www.codewars.com/
  4. Well, I'm currently trying to build pong with Unity. Perhaps I should try to make it in LibGDX afterwards. Being a programmer I certainly want to have some lower level knowledge as well. I'm not looking to build games simply by drag and drop ... Is LibGDX low level enough to learn about the game loop?
  5. It certainly takes some getting used to. While I can easily set up a whole architecture for a web application I don't even know where to start when it comes to games. Another advantage of Unity seems to be the availability of learning resources. Short term I'm certainly interested in learning. But what I learn I want it to be valuable long term as well.
  6. Hi GameDev.net I have almost 5 years of experience as a java developer. On my day job I create web applications, mostly back-end work. So I know a few things about programming, and I'm not afraid to write some code. I'm looking to get into game development as a hobby, as a side project. Would be nice if eventually I could have my own mobile game published (even if it has only a handful of downloads). Will probably focus on 2D games. I'm not an artistic person so I think it will be easier to find free 2D assets than 3D assets to use. I'm not sure how I should start this journey. I think with a library I might learn more about the concepts, what happens under the hood of a game. While with a complete engine I might be more productive. The things that I have tried so far: LibGDX: Java, so definitely within my comfort zone. I have followed a tutorial that I found on their wiki. While it was a simple catch game, it actually amazed me how complete (graphics, sound, gameplay) a game I had already created with such few lines. Unity: C#, shouldn't give me much difficulties. Completed a few of their beginner tutorials. After completing the 2D UFO game I'm now trying to see if I have enough knowledge to make a Pong game.
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