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  1. This is for a browser 'game' Where people have a certain time frame in which to press a red button in the middle of the page. The top 100 peoples scores will be displayed on the side. Companies can pay for advertising space on the page. People can (if they want to) choose from three options below for $1 to either 1. increase their time allowance 2. Score multiplier or 3. Click Multiplier (or all three) which only last one go. A fun simple little web based browser game to pass time If anyone is interested in helping me develop this dm me Lexi#8742 discord
  2. Hi all! A team of two 3d & 2d concept artists, an fx and sound designer, writer and developer are searching for a level designer to create a realistic open-world game terrain on a foreign planet. If you are interested please dm me and ill add you on discord! Have a great day
  3. Hey all, A small team consisting of two concept artists, a 3D modeler, fx and sound designer are looking for someone to help design a games overall UI and aesthetics. If you are experienced/knowledgeable in this area of game design and interested in joining please dm me and ill add you to the discord. Thanks, Lexi (The game is open-world/sci-fi/survival/futuristic)
  4. IronAge

    Sound Designer Looking For A Project

    Hey Nuno, Please send me a link to some of your works, id love to listen and possibly have you join my project!
  5. IronAge

    Writer looking for a team

    Hey, I don't have a team at the moment. I am looking for someone to brainstorm ideas for a game plot/character background. If you'd like to join me just message and ill ad you on discord.
  6. Hey! My name is Lexi an i am currently working on concepts and designs for a sci-fi open-world survival game. (i am currently working on hard ground surfaces in Quixel) If anyone wants to join the project please dm with examples of your work e.g. (concept artist, programmer, modeller, substance painter) like a portfolio of some kind would be really appreciated. Small introductory description: A space war is becoming heated between two dictators from separate planets over the control of one of the Seven Moons, Lupin, revolving around the Planet Ishcarus which is home to an intense mining and resource extraction program worth billions of Credits to whomever possesses its stations. Spacecraft ranging from nimble zippy ship, to one seater and all the way to mammoth craft created for the sole purpose of mass destruction move through the Void colliding with enemy forces. A young pilot of a small, one seater spacecraft (The player’s character) is involved in a heated one vs one with another enemy pilot. Hot blue pulse-fire from both crafts small rail guns ripping through the fabric of space intent on destroying each other. The players character (Pilot71103) is hit severely on the side tearing a large hole through his/her oxygen supply storage unit. Alarm system blazing, Pilot71103 descends rapidly to evade oncoming fire, fleeing towards the nearest planet. Far from his/her mothership he/she decides to make an emergency landing on a foreign red and green coloured planet in the vicinity hoping that it would be able to hold life. The Pilot crash lands into its surface, after an attempting to try and lessen the impact by sliding the craft more horizontally onto the ground, before it caught on a rock and tumbled violently and coming to a sudden halt as it hits a large red rock. Pilot71103 dazed and bleeding from multiple wounds drags him/herself out from under the wreckage and slowly gets to their feet, before running away from the burning craft. Behind him/her the spacecraft smoulders and burns and just as he/she gets behind a large outcrop of surrounding red rock the wreckage explodes into a fiery orb. IF INTERESTED IN JOINING PLEASE DM :) WILL ADD ON DISCORD just specify: - how you would like to contribute to the team (skills) - how much time you can give to the project each week (hrs) - why you would like to join - examples of your work!
  7. Hey! Looking for someone interested in joining a game project using Unreal E4 that is able to create realistic looking material textures. E.g. ground cover, rocks, metals, wood etc... If you want to know more contact me and ill add you on discord! Thanks
  8. Hey! Do you have any examples of your work to look at?
  9. Hey! i'm looking for a digital artist to work with me to design some game concept art for an open-world survival game that is aesthetically stunning. The artists would be in charge of: - Designing character concepts (Both humans & animals & the environment) - Designing assets (Structures/Weapons/Item etc..) - Creating digital 2D paintings/scenes of locations - Being as creative as they want!! If you're interested please dm me and attach examples of your work. Thanks
  10. Yes, it should take a while. But, i think'd it's a great project to work on. That's the current team i'll be looking for just to begin the development process. I will certainly expand it once everything is organized and scheduled! This way it doesn't get to complex in the early phases of design.
  11. Hey! Thanks so much for the feedback. Will certainly check out the channel! I will work towards a team, but I just wanted to let people know what I have in mind in the future :) It's very ambitious. However, that would be the finished product. The game would be released on an island map of just one biome. Updates would continue to advance the games habitats.
  12. Hello all, Let's get straight into it! This game is an open world multiplayer survival game taking place on large map composed of a main island and other land masses separated by rivers and ocean. Filled with thick jungles, forests, deserts, icey realms and mountainous terrain crawling with native creatures. You have crash landed your spacecraft onto this island. You have nothing, your ship exploding in the process, you are lucky to have survived. Or were you? Welcome to Kirakkou - a gorgeous island landscape with aesthetic visuals and tamable creatures. It's up to you to craft items from your Knowledge Tree, harvest resources, craft and build structures and bases, as well as weapons and tools to tame the wildlife for your advantage. Getting bored with single player? Join the multiplayer servers on Kirakkou and find or make your own Clan. Work together to become feared among other clans and tame even more powerful beasts. Make alliances, enemies and friends. Explore, craft, tame. Survive. * This is in early idea brainstorming stages, so all new ideas or thoughts are welcome. The Kirakkou Team (Who i'm C U R R E N T L Y looking for!) - Concept artist/Management (Myself) - 3D Modeler/artist (s) - Substance painters/textures - Programmer (s) (Graphic/object/inventory/multiplayer/crafting etc..) Future Skills Needed - Model animator - Level designer - Digital 2D artists for species hand-book. - Testers (You don't have to be professional, but good experience and understanding of how to do certain tasks is very appreciated!!) Feel free to message me with inquiries or questions. If you are wanting to apply/join the Kirakkou Project send me a message. PLEASE (Add in examples of your work, what job you are applying for, a little bit about yourself and any past experience!) * I will add you on discord if your application is successful! This has to be a friendly, communicative and determined team. (So only apply if you are certainly interested) 😛
  13. Hey, I am currently working on a 'graphic'/'picture' book idea. This is a summary (do not use as your own). I'm looking for three artists to work on different aspects of the design (creatures&characters/environment/weapons&structures) to work as co-producers on the project. VISIT: arkotiri.wordpress.com Arkotiri – A world of wonder – Welcome to Arkotiri, a small moon found millions of light years away in the galaxy IC-342. Despite being a moon, the orb thrives with exotic plant life and rivers. Its native inhabitants, in some forms similar to us humans populated its surface for generations. They are ritualistic and ceremonial people, gorgeous in their ways, but also very intelligent. For years they lived with sustainable ways, co-existed and mined the moon, careful not to disrupt the ecosystems surrounding them. Building their (to us, futuristic structures) homes and building of strong metals, quite literally, into the nature surrounding them. Plants and soil encouraged to grow among and on their homes. Through engineering they created mech-beasts (animals that are semi-organic and semi-robotic A.I) to increase the animals ability to help and obey. However, the time of peace ended suddenly when a disease swept across the moon. It was mysterious, deadly and could only be avoided by building a large sterile lab, far away from the Hub, isolated in the magnificent wilderness, where un-immune individuals were sent to. But there were survivors, those who were immune. And they went underground as their Hub crumbled and fell into disrepair. No longer having people to maintain it’s structures or plants. The Citadel was founded. A gigantic cavern, kilometers beneath the surface, only accessible by two separate tunnel closed by monolithic metal trapdoors. Through the tunnels security systems where set, and two large elevator shafts built in. Thousands of immune people mining, working and living below The Surface. I am currently completing Yr 12 and have exams in the next few weeks, so progress may be quite slow. Once complete, i will inform you. If you are interested please contact me, and i'll add you on discord. something like this:
  14. Hello, A determined and strong team of 12 are currently in the beginning stages of a large game project. The game takes place on another planet, and it's up to the player to survive. They explore, craft, build, tame and team up to form clans with other players and dominate the landscape! We are currently looking for someone able to design and create the world's terrain in Unreal. Thanks for your time, Lexi 20180709_211850.mp4
  15. Hey all, Our current team of eight individuals are working on a large game project. We are planning to create a realistic open-world using World Machine and importing the map into UE4. However, we need someone who is experienced using WM, and is able to import the terrain into UE4. If you are able to do so please DM me and i'll add you on discord. Thanks, Lexi PS Also looking for programmers
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