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    13 RONIN - DevLog #11 - 2nd Public Build Released

    Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted any news regarding 13 Ronin. A new challenging project at my day job and a renovation of my apartment have been stealing both time and energy, slowing down the development speed of 13 Ronin to almost no speed at all. But now, I’ve finally managed to reach the 2nd milestone, and release a new dev build of the game. (I do apologize for the crappy GIF, the game doesn't look this bad in reality) Pretty much all of what I had planned for the milestone is included, a few things have been discarded, but others have been added. Largest additions from the last build are blood splashes, different death animations and a few more moves, but I’ve also made some work under the hood to improve the computer “AI”. There is still a lot to wish for regarding the “AI”, but I’ve made the behavior easier to improve upon, so future versions of the game will hopefully contain opponents both challenging and fun to fight. For anyone who like to try the build (this release is Windows only): Click this link to go to my DropBox-account Download file 13Ronin, 2st Public Build.zip When download is finished extract the zip-folder’ Open folder. Double-click ReadMe.md to read instructions on how to play. Double-click 13Ronin.exe to start game. Press ‘1’ to start game. Press ‘ESC’ to return to start screen, and then press ‘ESC’ again to exit game. Please understand that this is not a finished game, it’s not even a demo, it’s work in progress and will be largely modified and extended before being a completed game. Still interested? Please try it out and give me some valuable feedback. Happy coding! /jan.

    13 RONIN

    13 RONIN 13 RONIN is a 2D pixel art samurai sword fighting game inspired by old japanese samurai movies and 8-bit classics such as Barbarian and The Way Of The Exploding Fist. Your mission as a noble samurai is to defeat 13 renegade ronin and their murderous leader. Although done in low resolution pixel art the game will have an somewhat “arty” aesthetic in black and white mixed with details in color. Who am I? I’m a 40 year old Swede with about 17 years of professional experience working as a .Net developer. To make a game has been a dream ever since I as a child learned to write a “guess a number”-game on my Commodore 64. Now I’m trying to fulfill that dream. I’m the sole developer behind this project and I’m doing it as an sparetime project so please be patient. Status The main structure of the game and basic gameplay, based on placeholder graphics, is done and I’m currently switching between drawing assets and coding graphic effects like rain and lightning. News I’m quit often updating my dev blog with short posts about the progress I make. A post can contain a new animation, a sound effect, a code sample or something else related to the making of 13 RONIN. On this and other forums I will post updates, that are longer than those on my site, but not as often. To help and inspire the community I will share tools and parts of the code on my BitBucket-page. /jan. https://www.eraserheadstudio.com/

    13 RONIN - DevLog #10 - Pain & Death

    I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully, there will be more posts on the subject. /jan.

    13 RONIN - DevLog #10 - Pain & Death

    Hello friends, The last couple of weeks I've been busy drawing pain and death animations for my samurai hero. Once again it became painfully apparent how slow this process is for me. This made me decide to focus on key-frames and use as few in-betweens as possible. By using different duration on different frames and adding some easy in-betweens I still think I can achieve somewhat decent animations. What do you think? There will be four different pain animations and at least five different death animations with some variations between characters. If the character is standing or crouching and from what direction the attack is coming will control what animation to play. Pain These are the four pain animations: The character is hit in the head or chest. The character is hit from behind or maybe hit in the stomach (not yet decided). I'm not sure what I think of this animation. What do you think? Should I keep it, or maybe try to draw something else. The character is hit while crouching. The character is hit from behind while crouching. Death And here are the four death animations: The character is killed from a hit in the head or chest. The character is killed from behind or maybe with a hit in the stomach (not yet decided). The character is killed while crouching. The character is killed from behind while crouching. Animation process I've got a lot of questions from friends and colleagues asking me how the animations are done, so here is a quick walkthrough of the process. When drawing, you can use any drawing software of choice, but I really recommend using a software that is specially made for the purpose of making sprite animations. I use a tool called Pyxel Edit, it's really good and quite affordable, go check it out. 1. Sketch First I sketch out the key-frames of the animation. This I do rather fast and sloppy. My only goal here is to get the pose and feeling right. For the first frame I use an existing image, in this case, the first frame from the crouch animation. In that way I know the character will get the same proportions as in already existing animations. But in this example I've, for consistency sake, sketched the first image as well. 2. Fill Done sketching I draw the character in solid colors. I do this on a separate layer on top of the sketch and adjust the transparency level so I can see the sketch beneath. I repeatedly play the animation and make adjustments until satisfied. Everything doesn't have to be perfect at this stage, but the motion should be "realistic" and the mass of the character should be the same throughout the animation. In this phase I also start playing with different duration for individual frames. 3. Detail I copy the animation to yet another layer and start filling in the details. When this is done I see if I can improve the overall feel by adding some easy in-betweens. By "easy in-betweens" I mean a frame I can create by copying an existing image and only change a minor part e.g. the hair or a part of the clothing. Detailed animation before adding any "easy in-between". Same animation but with an added frame in the middle. The ponytail lands on the head and the sword sheaths move. This was an "easy in-between." Without it the animation would have looked a little strange, don't you think? I hope you have enjoyed this and got a better understanding of the animation process. Next dev log will be about blood, it'll be awesome! Happy coding! /jan.

    13 RONIN

    Album for 13 RONIN
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