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  1. wobes

    ECS and Networking?

    Thank you for your answer.
  2. hi there.I would like to ask if you could share you thoughts on how to achieve an integration of any low-level network library with current Unity's ECS system thanks.Here is some references: https://forum.unity.com/threads/ecs-and-networking.528134/#post-3486444
  3. wobes

    Delta compression.

    Hi there. Thank you for the reply. Well, I would say, it would be the case to have 50-70 entities in the same network zone. I've implemented something called "zone of interests", basically it is like the View distance, but instead, network view distance. So the server sends updates only for the objects that the client observes in a certain range, let's say 1km. My final question is probably about memory allocation. What is the best solution for the server? To use entire world snapshot model history per client, or just per object snapshot history. Many thanks.
  4. wobes

    Delta compression.

    Thank you. But don't you know, what is the best approach for the survival game, let's say 250-500 players per server?
  5. http://www.kinematicsoup.com/news/2016/8/9/rrypp5tkubynjwxhxjzd42s3o034o8 here you might find possible fix to your problem, when you're using frame / timestamp -dependent movement. /MODERATOR COMMENT: The link goes to an article about smoothing motion and how to work with timestamps in Unity. Without any other words nor useful text in the URL, I wasn't sure if I was clicking through to spam or a browser hijacking, or if it was actually related to the discussion.
  6. wobes

    Delta compression.

    Quick question. Is it necessary to use world-state model? To send the entire world's snapshot rather than sending separate entities? For example, players synchronization uses 30 packets per second, while other objects use 20 packets. Is there any advantages to send them separately in their own timestamps, or it is necessary to be world state every fixed server tick? Thanks.
  7. wobes

    Delta compression.

    Thank you so much for the clarification. It makes sense to me now, many thanks!
  8. Hi there. I am really sorry to post this, but I would like to clarify the delta compression method. I've read Quake 3 Networking Model: http://trac.bookofhook.com/bookofhook/trac.cgi/wiki/Quake3Networking, but still have some question. First of all, I am using LiteNetLib as networking library, it works pretty well with Google.Protobuf serialization. But then I've faced with an issue when the server pushes a lot of data, let's say 10 players, and server pushes 250kb/s of data with 30hz tickrate, so I realized that I have to compress it, let's say with delta compression. As I understood, the client and server both use unreliable channel. LiteNetLib meta file says that unreliable packet can be dropped, or duplicated; while sequenced channel says that packet can be dropped but never duplicated, so I think I have to use the sequenced channel for Delta compression? And do I have to use reliable channel for acknowledgment, or I can just go with sequenced, and send the StateId with a snapshot and not separately? Thank you.
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