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  1. Hello Game Dev Community, like most people nowadays i'm involved in Gaming for years now and I've seen genres come and go. RTS, MMORPGs basically died only hardcore fans are left and now MOBAs decline and it seems like Strategy game players can't play one game longer than a few years. My idea is a competitive Tower Defense Game 1v1 or 2v2 not 100% similar to Clash Royale but I think its still the best comparison. I'm not a professional graphics person nor a great programmer so its hard for me to show what my idea would look like. If someone has some time and wants to give me a very dare guess on what the production of a Clash Royale game with graphics on League of Legends level and multiple turret variations would cost that would be great. Thanks already have a nice day.
  2. Okay this is actually a great answer and very fast thank you very much. A freemium PC, Mobile multiplayer it would be yes. Reading through these articles and I found some other ones for PC as well my estimate would be around 100k just to get a good functioning basis which is higher than I thought it would be. Maybe its lower because the concept is insane simple but would rather assume its too high then too low. Completing the game would be extremely hard too so yea. I will look up some financing information and thank you again.
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