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  1. Marco Masera

    [Android][Open Beta] Ripple

    New Update: -Google Play Games Services now WORKS! It's been tough but now it's working good -Now the gPlay Games login requests are less invasive for players who don't wish to log in -Bug fixed, including a crash iusse in the main menu and some minor bugs during game What's next? In the next days I will do a review of all the code, in order to find small bugs that sometimes cause the game to crash, then it will be ready to exit the beta phase. Next, a multiplayer mode will come.
  2. Marco Masera

    [Android][Open Beta] Ripple

    Update: in the next hours will be available a small update that will fix some iusse I found. Changelog: Login to google play games should now work pretty good (still not perfect - in the next day I will work on it) Offline score saving is now working.
  3. Marco Masera

    [Android][Open Beta] Ripple

    Hi everyone! I'd like to show you my very first game: Ripple! I made it by myself in about 2 months of work. The game is available on google play store as open beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.lonercatgames.ripple I would appreciate to receive some feedback from you! Ps: although the game is fully playable, there are some iusses I'm aware of and that will be fixed in the stable version, coming in the next days. Those iusses include: 1-Some problem with the first login to google play games services, expecially with some devices and with slow internet connection 2-A few users have reported some rare crashes 3-One user have reported a problem with the skip tutorial button - and I'm currently struggling to find out why HD Images: https://imgur.com/a/UPTMVpX Lower-res images:
  4. Marco Masera


    Hi everyone! This is my very first game, I made it by myself in about two months of work. The gameplay's simple: you drag your finger on the lower part of the screen to move a worm through various scenarios filled with enemies, that you have to avoid, turning around them. As you play the worm grows, making it all more difficult but letting you earn more points. You can shoot if you're in trouble, but at the cost of losing one piece of the worm. All of this filled with a psychedelic and colorful graphics. Ripple is currently available as open beta on the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.lonercatgames.ripple I'd love to hear some feedback from you! For HD screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/UPTMVpX
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