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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge about SE L. Spiro I'll do my best to prepare better for this position then! Wish me luck!
  2. Thanks for the reply Mr. Tom Sloper, I see, the odds are definitely against me in getting that position. I shall read those articles you've written and put effort into learning those programs. I do not speak/write Japanese fluently but I am learning at the moment. I heard of stories from various foreigners who did apply for square enix and got accepted despite not knowing any japanese- is the reason why I included that in my question. I'll spend my time building a portfolio for SE (would fanart of the game be alright? I do play the game and make a lot of artworks related to it) and learning those programs and japanese
  3. Hello everyone! I will try to make this straight to the point and concise while trying not to miss out on specifics. (I am inexperienced on this so please pardon my ignorance. Nobody around me knows much about this so I sought the internet for help and thought the forums would allow for better conversation aside from my readings/searches on the matter) I recently heard of the announcement that Square Enix (FFXIV 5th Division) is recruiting people for various positions: http://sqex.to/33B I looked at the list and saw that "2D art designer" is open and I am interested in applying for that.: https://square-enix.rec-log.jp/site/jobVw.aspx?Oy24gAu7IDWaPGUcbJQfOM2igOulIRWoaUoqCXQtO02wg2uzI5WBa8oECbQHOd2KgguNIjWPamoSCpQVOr2Yguu0IxW3aAo6CCQ9OF2cgIueeL7hROXkbQSn I currently live in the Philippines and I am in my mid-20's making a career shift in my life. I got my BA Political Science degree from uni about 2 years ago (stomped in law school, figured it wasn't for me so I dropped it.) I have been drawing and making art throughout the years since I was a kid (trad painting, digital art using painter SAI and Adobe Photoshop, comics- online and in publishing for school papers, joining art competitions etc.) and in my highschool years, I have been handling html and flash so I am not "totally inexperienced" with computers (stopped because my college course wasn't about that.) Despite my college course being in the social sciences, I did take 6-month arts courses in uni like Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts History and my NSTP was also under Fine Arts. Right now I make art commissions and cosplay (sewing my own costumes- I hold a Certificate in Clothing Technology.) I do not know how to do 3D modelling/art at this moment. I'm trying to prepare myself and a portfolio for this and my art on-hand is heavily comprised by AUs (character re-designs based on pre-existing anime characters set in a different world) and fanart depicting characters in both the original art style and my own art style, and art commissions of people's avatars in different online games. While I am capable of making more original art, I am equally happy making "fanart" or mimicing the style of a pre-existing story/game etc. The websites I linked above are in Japanese and I am not sure if they will be releasing an english webpage for those soon. I only relied on google auto translate for the details. So I have a few questions: 1) Has anyone here worked in Square Enix JP specifically as a foreigner? I can speak Japanese enough to survive my family trips there (where is__, how much? thank you, etc.) but I do not know the native language... Is speaking Japanese a requirement? How "lost" will you be in instructions if you do not know japanese? Do they have a translator/EN division? (On that note, I'm not sure if this website talked about "relocation" to the EU or NA SE offices so I assumed it's in japan) 2) One part in the website under the section "【あると望ましいスキルと経験など】" talks about "desirable skill"... is this more of a preference/option than a strong requirement? Because I have no background in working in the game industry and I do not know how to use the specifically listed programs for now "(ZBrush、MayaなどのDCCツールや、UE4 Unity等のゲームエンジンを組み合わせるなど)" Would I need to intern/work in any local game development (which is almost non existent in my underdeveloped country...) before applying to SE? Education-wise, as much as possible I would like to self study instead of going back to school again. 3) The last paragraph talks about other activities that can be used in the game entertainment field and one of the things mentioned there was "cosplay" and I was wondering if I could include my cosplay hobby there without hurting my application? (for example, they would accept my art, but my cosplay doesn't meet their expectations.. is that a minus point? Aside from -making- costumes, I can sketch clothes/fashion illustration too) I am still confused about that last statement. Those are my questions for now. This is one of my very favorite games and I would like to apply to be one of the artists of FFXIV. But as you can see, I am so very lost and my credentials are... everywhere because I involved myself in so many different things. Please let me know what you think and tips and what I can do to go reach the dream of doing what I really wanna do as a career! Thank you so much for reading and help/tips would be appreciated!
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