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  1. Dijsktras

    Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    Guys, Thank you so much for your support. I am very glad that you share your humble comments. Most of the people mentioned that their kids will probably play this game while they are making a phone call or doing laundry. This sounds strange to me because I see kids play even violent games without a parental control for hours. They do not care about what and how long the kids play. Is this something you are very strict about?
  2. Dijsktras

    Do indie game designers play their own game?

    In the beginning, you want to play it! After a while, you get sick of the game because you test it all day
  3. Dijsktras

    Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    @kseh Thank you for your participation. As far as I can see, you expect the kids play alone. A complicated design would be resolved by the parents if they play together. This means that ads should target the kids? I have downloaded and tested some of the coloring books for kids. Their ads target the adults actually. This puts me in a doubt They seem they expect parents to play with their kids.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone here know if coloring book games are popular among little kids? If yes, I have the following questions: Do kids tend to color the same image over and over again? UI is supposed to be 'childish and crowded' or 'flat and peaceful'? Does 'kid songs' matter as in-game music? (In my current project, we have found that the audio is ignored by the adults) Anything you would like to add and I should consider?
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