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  1. Mobile Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    @kseh Thank you for your participation. As far as I can see, you expect the kids play alone. A complicated design would be resolved by the parents if they play together. This means that ads should target the kids? I have downloaded and tested some of the coloring books for kids. Their ads target the adults actually. This puts me in a doubt They seem they expect parents to play with their kids.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone here know if coloring book games are popular among little kids? If yes, I have the following questions: Do kids tend to color the same image over and over again? UI is supposed to be 'childish and crowded' or 'flat and peaceful'? Does 'kid songs' matter as in-game music? (In my current project, we have found that the audio is ignored by the adults) Anything you would like to add and I should consider?
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