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  1. yup, i did that to prevent mouse spamming. glad you liked it.
  2. sadly no, nothing of that kind. for my second game i mostly focused on polish and responsive gameplay/visuals.
  3. ok, so i finished working on my second game (called 'figura climax'), it's inspired by old simple 'hi-score' based nes games. i'd pretty much like to hear your opinions about everything, music, artstyle, mechanics - so i can improve in those areas for my third game. game link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/KataBunaga/figura-climax
  4. Jack Slink

    Need Feedback on Game

    this was most helpful and now that i think of - widely used in my favorite horror media.
  5. today i've finished working on PNR alpha and sharing it with you guys. main reason for sharing in this early stage of development, is to get feedback about what you'd like to see in it in the future etc. link: https://katabunaga.itch.io/pnr-alpha-v010
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