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  1. Sparsh Tyagi

    It's here, but can you find it? - an Android puzzle game

    Oh, That's really a helpful advice! Yes, the screenshots do look dull and boring inside the Play Store. I will start working on them today only, probably they'll represent the game better then. Thank you so much for checking out my game and for this wonderful suggestion!
  2. I recently released my first puzzle game for Android which is called here. It's a simple looking game which has 50 unique levels. Each level has its own logic and you have to find/make the word here in each level. There are also 3 hints per level just in case you get stuck. I have never made videos in my life before but here's a quick look at the game: The reviews so far have been great and now I wish to share it with you guys. I would love to have any feedback or suggestions or criticism. It will help a lot! Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techyonic.here Thank you!
  3. Sparsh Tyagi


    Album for here
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